HIMYM_ThreeDaysofSnow_Barney_Ted My Thoughts: Despite it being more of a filler episode and leaving out any of the Robin and Barney story line from Benefits (Season 4 Episode 12), this was a really funny episode.  What’s more is that Carl and Ranjit are back!  The three story lines worked well and I loved the way they played together… it almost reminded me of a Seinfeld (another recurring theme?) Also, it seems someone heard or cries and the time sequences were well done this time.

Legendary Lines :

Ted: Arizona, You know I have always wanted to know what an Arizona driver’s license looked like?
Barney: (whispering) I already ran that play both are 21 their good.
Ted: Thank God.

Ted: It’s Snow problem. (nice line)

Robin: I monkied around with the thermostat for about an hour before I realized it was the intercom.
Marshall: Yea, I heard you swearing downstairs.

Carl: You wouldn’t know the first thing about running a bar.
Barney: Serve the hotties first?
Carl: Here’s the keys.

Marshall: Robin you’re not a robot and if you are then you’re an incredibly advanced model and the human race doesn’t stand a chance.

Melissa (college chick): I don’t know if you guys have ever seen Star Wars but it is like Hoth out there!
Ted: Dibs.
Amanda: It reminds me of when I used to go sledding with my dad…before he left.
Barney: And dibs.

Moments of Awesomeness:

  • Marshall & Lily’s locally brewed beers (Fort Lager Dale, Minne Cider, Aspen Yards Ale, Puget Stout…)
  • Carl is back! and he looks very different.
  • Barney’s  pickup advice for and sidebar talks with Ted .
  • ‘Puzzles’ Barney & Teds bar name…and later band name.
  • Barney & Ted are awesome bartenders. Well, about as well as I would do.
  • For Old Anzine being played by the Fighting Hens band was very cool. It almost maybe me misty eyed.

Vocabulary (Bro-cabulary?):

  • Party School Bingo – a game Barney makes up from Playboy’s top 25 party schools placed on a BINGO card. Once he scores with 5 in a row it’s Bingo. Oddly enough he is the only player.

Music: The Bar/Coctail scene song:the Beach Boys – Kokomo


What really happened:

Marshall and Lily have had a tradition since college of surprising each other at the airport and bringing locally brewed beer. But in 2009, they both consider breaking the tradition. Meanwhile Ted and Barney’s attention turns to some college girls who are in town with their band. Ted attempts to hit on the chick with repeated pickup advice from Barney. Then is starts to snow. The blizzard of 2009 brings us three amazing and eventually intertwining stories.  Barney wants a shot at winning Party School Bingo (see Bro-cabulary above) so they are waiting at the bar to meet the girls. Marshall is at Ted and Robin’s apartment trying to fix the heater, which is evidentially stuck on hi because Robin look shot in more ways than usual. She convinces Marshall that Lily will bring the six pack so he starts for the door towards the airport. Lily sitting on the plane explains this time there will be no six pack. She eventually convinces herself Marshall will show and she needs to find beer which is perfect since her flight is an hour early. Carl (finally back form who knows where) decides to close the bar, but Ted and Barney convince him to leave it open under their care. Five years ago Ted had uttered 5 little words that even I have uttered “We should by a bar.” He and Barney were going to call it Puzzles, have a 3 story margarit fountain and more importantly have no last call. Then we get to see the fine bartending skills of Ted and Barney at MacLarens. Lily gets off the to find Ranjit waiting for someone else and he ditched his client to help Lily find beer for Marshall. Ranjit is awesome. The girls (Melissa and Amanda) finally show at the bar, but with their entire band, the Arizona Tech fighting Hens Marching Band. One mental conversation later, Barney and Ted open the bar to the band. Robin is driving to Marshall to meet Lily and telling him how silly the whole rituals thing is. Marsha and Lily (in different scenes) explain how all of their rituals have been tossed aside. The what they had for lunch as soon as they get home talk, their lunch time phone calls and kissing at midnight on News Years Eve. Then Marshall tells Robin she doesn’t understand love, so she pulls over till he apologizes. the next few scenes are switching in and out so try and keep up. Despite Barney & Ted’s vow for no last call, when Carl calls they get scared and decide to close the bar down. Robin and Marshall argue until the car gets covered by a snow plow. Lily and Ranjit go to get the locally brewed beer to find a keg instead of a six pack, which they take anyways. Marshall apologizes and thinks that Robin hits on him as they climb out of the sunroof to go get Lily. As Barney and Ted close down the bar they have a change of heart (no last call) and move the party to the apartment just upstairs. Moment of truth at the airport and what? A surprise ending? Seems the call from Lily that Marshall let go to voicemail was to say she was delayed two days. So no Lily at the airport. Seems the  three awesome stories were three separate days. Tuesday was Robin and Marshall. Wednesday was Ted and Barney as bartenders. Thursday was Lily returning to no one at the airport…or so it would seem, but just then a single clarinet player sits beside Lily to play Ol Anzine. Suddenly there instruments join in until the entire Fighting Hens band is playing and Marshall shows up with sign to renew all His and Lily’s rituals. Great surprise, great ending.


The Re-Return: Ted and Melissa are talking on the couch (Ted: Puzzles. Melissa: That is a great band name) when she wonders where Amanda is.  Just then Barney emerges from the restroom to scream “BINGO!” [ad#end-post] note: for more episode recaps check out legen-waitforit.com for suggestions.