I thought last week’s HIMYM was a lot better and maybe I am still expecting too much because of the phenomenal Scrubs finale, but I thought this episode was funny but just, well…average. I mean Stella (Sarah Chalke) is a great actress but on HIMYM she is just isn’t as funny as the others. It’s not her fault, I think it just how she is written and supposed to come across, as that more serious part. To that end I really feel that she is meant to contract the future mother.  She is not into all the romance Ted offers, she isn’t the fun one for Ted, I mean she is great, but Ted would have to settle in ways to make it work with her. I like seeing her on screen, but I hope this episode closes the door on all the “look Stella’s the mom” people. (btw. if you want to join a mother discussion try this about the mother.) Either way, her talk with Ted was really good and her words of encouragement. Plus we get another glimpse of the yellow umbrella. I really thought some chick was gonna walk by and say, where did you get that?

    Barney’s side story was fairly funny. Especially that eh got arrested, and swore on his suits…wow. I can’t decide which was funnier, seeing Barney in two thumbs up pose, crying at gunpoint pose, or scared and behind bars pose. I think everyone had speeding ticket stories, unless you can’t drive. Which brings to mind, when did Barney learn to drive? I thought in Arrivederci Fiero he never wanted to drive again. I’ll easily err on the side of it’s just not mentioned or I missed it before I gripe about continuity.

   Tony was really funny. Really, nothing but love for Jason Jones. The murder house scene was great. I’ve also been trying to find his movie site (weddingbridemovie.com) …I know it’s one of those “more about that later” like the goat. But the HIMYM spoof websites are always funny. Maybe it will be up once it’s talked about. Still, chances that it is about Ted’s marriage and meeting the mother? Thoughts?

  So I still laughed, but I was left wanting a little more. The ending was redeeming in a way, but definitely not in a funny way.

What did everyone else think?

How I Met Your Mother Music:



Legendary Lines:

Ted: I transitioned into a small business ownership, it’s the backbone of the economy.
Tony: No it’s not

Barney:  Challenge Accep-wait for it…
Ted: I don’t get it… oh wait, Ted. Accep- Ted.

Robin: You got Tony to dump with Stella, I’m sorry but I am gonna have to insist that you bump this.

Barney: OOOOO…Did you feel that? I think we just had a what-up quake?

Stella: I know you’re tired of waiting. And you may have to wait a little while more, but she’s on her way, Ted. And she’s getting here as fast as she can.


Moments of Awesomeness:

  • Ted still has the cowboy hat from Right Place Right Time
  • the "that check is so big” jokes
  • Ted and Stella’s talk was pretty good. Definitely see Ted moving back towards Season 1 Ted that we all loved.
  • Ted’s “Let’s go to the Mall Ringtone
  • Barney. Period. The man is genius. His voice tone changes during the pullovers were hilarious.
  • May favorite moment is when Stella comes to Ted’s door and Robin is…well, Robin. “have to insist that you bump this.”
  • Tony’s job offers. If the murder house wasn’t enough there was the “I want you to build the Statue of Liberty…a husband”
  • Thought it was great that Tony describes as a Daschund with a bad back that has to wheel itself around…actually, yea, that’s pretty accurate.


The Re-Return:

    This really was a re-return, and something nice for those who missed Lily, plus the placement of the handbag, made me laugh. As Barney tells the story of a girl that tracked him down Lily return to the table. She says the infamous peanut butter joke actually made her laugh, thought 3 weeks later.

   Barney then begins to give details of his new “chick scoring” plan, quite funny, and Lily leaves. “That’s all I can handle for one day. I’ve gotta ease back into it”


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