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Good Episode. While I hate not seeing Lily, the reference to her help. I’m really glad they didn’t go down the “Robin’s pregnant” road like they were playing out on the promo video.  Anyways, onto what I thought.

While I wasn’t for sure who he was running into, I could have almost guessed. I know a lot of fans had hoped it would be Victoria but no cigar.  I still hope they bring back Victoria at some point, I never felt like they truly resolved that relationship well. The segways into why Ted went that way were played well. The call backs were so very funny. And while we say the mysterious yellow umbrella that makes it’s  appearance on the cover of the How I Met Your Mother Season 4 DVD, was a constant, I have a feeling that it’s not leading the direction we think.  Think about it, Stella’s appearance could have a few meaning but I think the main options are 1) she is the mother and it’s her umbrella 2) she says something to Ted that helps him along his way to finding the mother and it’s not her umbrella.  Well Stella is not the mom.  Despite Sarah Chalk having more time with the most likely end of Scrubs, I think enough evidence has been given to back me up, including words from Ted’s own mouth. So that leads me to believe that the Stella encounter will play a part in Ted meeting his future wife (yes, I know there are other theories but I’m writing here). And to add even more, I loved the homeless guy with the headphones coming out of an orange. =)

Also the re-return provided even more ammunition for a Robin/Barney relationship that should be dealt with in the Season finale. It also provides a great explanation for a final change like the one we have been seeing this season in Barney.  I also assume that his date with Petra didn’t go so well.

Lots of possibilities I suppose. What did everyone else think? About the possibilities or the episode?

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How I Met Your Mother Music:

Glad Girls by Guided by Voices (what Ted would have done. Lots of Hugs)


Legendary Lines:

Robin: Someone already put it on youtube?
Barney: Yea… Someone

Ted: Of course she’s the one! You have to marry those, I mean her.

Barney: Marshall, knowing how important this is to me do you think Lily would even consider, I’d do all the work…
Marshall: I will end your life.

Robin: Looking over the names in this list I’m not sensing a lot of ethnic diversity

Ted: You should be proud. You should be tested, but you should be proud.

Barney: The highest of fives

Marshall: Don’t get me wrong, you’re disgusting and a cop should probably clamp a boot on your genitals.


Moments of Awesomeness:

  • call back to Marshall’s fish comedy from Old King Clancy.
  • Ribtown… I wonder if Ted was wearing his red cowboy boots then too.
  • Robin’s I’m preggers joke… not funny, but funny. Ted’s reaction was classic but Barney’s reaction was even better.
  • Anyone notice that Barney’s 200th was benching about 345lbs?
  • Bro’s Life Magazine? Another HIMYM venture like the Bro Code?
  • Barney’s rate of success. 1%. Marshall’s charts were hilarious. The callback to the interventions was great too. By the way, I may be forgetful but who is Cecilia?
  • Loved the side characters this week: Goulashes the weather clown. Mill the homeless guy.
  • Marshall’s charts were amazing. Ranking of Presidents (by how dirty their name sounds)… the intervention was excellent, he was prepared though and even made a chart.
  • Lady from Scrubs as the chart girl!
  • I was quite happy to see the yellow umbrella.
  • Ted’s hugging daydream reminded me of the DMB video for Everyday. IT was great. Anyone take a good look at all the people he hugged?


The Re-Return:

Barney sits down with Matthew Panning his elementary school challenger.

Matt: I didn’t have a pet Ewok either
Barney: Sure you didn’t .

After the conversation. Barney reflects on what to do after 200… enter Robin (more season finale build-up)