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This was a great episode.  I didn’t get to watch last night because there is currently 1 TV in the room my wife and I are staying in and Chuck was on. Thus my being a nice husband is cause for a late viewing , recap and review. On the bright side, Chuck was pretty awesome last night, so there is that.

Despite the severely sacrilegious nature of it, Barney’s attribution of the 3 day rule to Jesus was hilarious. BTW, CBS posted the whole thing to youtube.  Marshall’s discomfort with the whole thing made it even funnier. I felt almost as bad watching it as I do when I watch Dogma. Whether it was scripted or adlib, NPH does such a great job of delivering those speeches. Wow everytime.


Seems everyone feels the need to look out for Ted, and with his doucheyness I can see it, but it’s become a major theme for the show. So when Ted stands on his own to prove his friends wrong it’s nice to see. When that backfires like his date with Holli (i not y) it’s even funnier. which brings this up. So there is always a lot of speculation about who the mother is (check out some of the comments in that article) and with every new girl Ted meets/dates the discussion is always started. Some people might take old Ted’s final comment (see legendary lines below) as a hint that Holli could be the one. However, I thought it was quite clear that the date went so poorly it was over. If anything Old Ted is only spilling the beans now because he didn’t want to admit it was wrong. Anyway, for those mother theorist out there, that’s my 2 cents for now. Hang around though because rumor is that the mother is addressed in the Season 4 finale, in what way we don’t know.

I honestly feel that Barney and Marshall stole the show. Their reactions to the realization they were sexting Ted was priceless and Ted imagining them in the place of Holli still has me laughing. “Yeah, I don’t think they actually did those things, they were just at the bar.” By the way Stan rocked it, Kevin Michael Richardson is the man.



Legendary Lines:

Robin: Maybe not a sick dad, or a very sick dad…Am I right?

Marshall: It’s time to tell him…
Barney: Or, we could…
Marshall: Yea, that’s better…

Robin: And he clearly doesn’t know what lol means.

Marshall: Here’s the thing Barney. I’m snuggly and your not… I’m cuddly bitch, deal with it.

Robin: Marsha and Billy? No one strained any muscles there.

Marshall: I don’t know what bread was doing in there but that touched me.

Marshall: Ted, you know how at some point in the future machines will rise up against us?

Marshall: Sorry buddy we were just trying to help.
Barney: And also it was really fun.

Future Ted: When I got your mother’s number, I called her right away.


Moments of Awesomeness:

  • Barney’s Jesus speech was both sacrilegious and very funny. Also, surprisingly filled with spiritual insight. Robin laughing the whole time and Marshall who is clearly uncomfortable with it and even looks up and mouths the word “sorry” to the heavens. Plus, Jesus invented the high five?
  • Ted’s naked lady noise was reminiscent of the Butthead laugh and a typical male reaction. I like that, funny stuff.
  • I loved the callback to the cowboy boots from s3e19 – Everything Must Go   (pulling. them. off.)
  • I loved the way Ted pictured Marshall & Barney doing the things instead of Holli. ROTF. LOL.
  • Speaking of LOL… I’m not sure Ted knows what it means either.
  • Ted’s payback text was priceless, a much better idea than robin’s but she did try to put up a fight for it. Plus it played right into what the guys were already “struggling” with.
  • Never heard of Pablo Neruda before, but Stan quoted him well. It almost moved me. plus the bit about bread, not sure how that fits but it was beautiful.
  • Maybe it’s just be but anytime I see Barney’s office and posters I get excited.
  • I really thought it was funny that Marshall & Barney kept fighting over Ted, while playing the girl. “I’m Marshall Erickson, star of Ted’s gay dreams”. their realization that they were sexting with Ted was too comical.


Bro-Cabulary (theories and words):

three day rule – the amount of time to wait before making contact after getting a phone number. The origins of this rule (according to Barney) are attributed to Jesus. Who waited the perfect amount of time, 3 days, before coming back to life.

The Re-Return:

Stan returns to the bar on his night off. However , it’s not to hang with the guys, it’s for a date with Robin. Then Stan breaks up with the guys. I loved it that Barney tried to get them to stay by saying “do you like magic?”

Robin: Do you even know their names?
Stan: No…

Lingering Questions:

It was funny, but did it seem like Barney was more broken up over the Robin part of the date or the Stan part?