So I have always been a Seinfeld fan and due to that particular addiction, a large part or tonight seems Seinfeld-isk. How I Met Your Mother, however took a completely different path than Kramerica Inustries…though there still may or may not have been a chicken somewhere. Most people are expecting a goat sometime soon though. The whole episode was very good I thought, other than the fact the bloody weather people kept cutting in to tell me about some tornado or something, what a bother! Still Ted’s struggle with side business, while comical, echoes a little too close to home.

On a different note, personally, I’ve always wanted to be a “that guy” in the office. Maybe toy guy would be a good choice. This episode also made the intentions of the writers clear. There will be a Barney/Robin story line for the end of the season. The fine fold at CBS (who hate our blog much more than have-you-met-ted.com, who get’s all the cool stuff) confirm that in several ways. So yea, funny episode. Not much Lily but when they can’t even hide Robin’s baby bump that well it’s probably just easier. Still lost of laughs…maybe once I get to re-watch the entire episode I’ll notice more. What did every one else think, feel free to fill me in.


Legendary Lines:

Barney (about Robin): Of course he’s gonna sleep with her, look at her, she’s the greatest person on the planet!

Robin: A hot guy telling  you when you can & can’t pee, that’s the dream!

Barney: I’M, wait for it…IN, wait for it… LOVE, wait for it… WITH, wait for it….

Marshall: Monty Python guy?
Barney: We are the knights who say…Your Fired.

Barney: Lily is a diabolical puppet master, subtly manipulating every situation to get exactly what she wants. She’s pure evil Marshall…You got a good one there.

Moments of Awesomeness:

  • did anyone notice that when Ted knew an answer on wheel of fortune really quickly he yelled out “Marshall”. That’s something new for you peeps out there who play along with the “Major Bummer” gag… It has been pointed out Ted was might be saying “Penny Marshall”… possibly, but my game is more fun!
  • I really want some Wolverine battle claws now. Those marketing gurus for the new X-men Origins/Wolverine movie are genius.
  • Marshall hits the Robin and Barney point right on the head, “Me and Lily both think you’re kinda perfect for each other”
  • Food guy, toy guy, you tube clip guy… girls should be able to play along at too, but which kind of “guy” would you be at the office?
  • Marshall saves the day by hiring PJ to be the new paralegal/ Sports Guy..thus solving everyone’s issues.
  • Ted’s whole “what if I don’t think of the book” speech was actually inspiring…despite being a douche.
  • Playing off of Ted’s douche-ary.. PJ gives Robin the letter for a breakup and Ted gets the flowers. lol.
  • The storm off. And Marshall’s assistance.  



boy funny and girl funny – there are some jokes, phrases, situations, etc. that only guys or only girls would find funny. An example of this would be how only a guy would find the joke: “What’s the difference between peanut butter and jam?”…(since we have female readers and I have a sense of decency I shall not divulge the punchline.)


very cool little acoustic guitar piece… not sure if it was just show written or something else.

The Re-Return:

Barney & Marshall site eating lunch. They greet the “food guy”, then the “toy guy” and who’s that? a ninja guy?

Barney: He doesn’t work here. I think we should leave the building. This has happened before.