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How I Met  Your Mother was nothing short of gold tonight. It seemed at first like a Barney centric episode, and the bulk of the story was, but the secondary from Marshall & Lily was excellent. It’s always amusing to me to see how they will try to hide Alyson Hannigan’s baby bump…a guitar, orange slices, basketballs? it’s like a magic show.  Angry Marshall was hilarious. When Marshall threw the basketball at the kid and yelled at him falling down I was rolling. Plus the Teen Wolf reference was classic. Who doesn’t love 80’s cult movies. Speaking of which, did I read the opening sequence as a reference to Top Gun?

Robin helping Barney with the list was so funny. They really to work well together. The whole thing brought back memories of Zip, Zip, Zip and why Robin and Barney would be a great couple. The two person answering marching message was well thought out, and Ted look of disgust is priceless.

As far as Danny Glover goes, I’m not sure that really counts as a guest appearence though who would ever think of doing an entire eposide aroung his Sgt. Murtaugh character…those guys that write for HIMYM…that’s who. And it worked well.

All and all the story didn’t really advance anywhere… not career choices, relationship news whatever, but lots of laughs were had by all and when you come away your time really doesn’t feel wasted.

That’s my 2 cents… what did the rest of you think?


Legendary Lines :

McCrackin (the angry laser tag coach): You’ll be playing duck hunt in your momma’s basement so fast it’ll make your head spin.

Marshall: That’s not running that’s falling!

Ted: Life is a meal and old age is the desert.

Marshall: What’s the point of playing if you don’t keep score.

Robin: A gentlemen’s agreement! Huzzah!!

Marshall: There is a ten wolf on the court!! How is that not Illegal
Lily: Kids, I know that the teen wolf looks different, but try to make him feel accepted!

Barney: Ted, I’ll pay you double for your finest suit, here’s Thirty bucks…throw in the shoes.

Ted: Murtaugh kept saying ‘I’m too old for this stuff’, but everytime he’d say it, he’d turn around, make another movie…and do more stuff.

Moments of Awesomeness:

  • Barney and Robin together, as friends or a couple they really works the scenes together.
  • the Murtaugh List, anyone else actually thinking of making one of these now?
  • Teen wolf references… tell me was that the actually soundtrack music or just a knock off that sounded really close?
  • Subtle Canadian jokes, such as Robin’s reference to the Canadian Lethal Weapon type movie’s Canadian predecessor (Lafleur was it? LOST reference maybe or just Canadian?).
  • Old Man Ted… plus Ted’s list led him to watch all 4 Lethal Weapons in one night, seems about time for that again.
  • Barney & Robin’s annoying 2 person answering machine message. I really thought they were going to have a moment.
  • The games HIMYM plays with hiding Lily and Robin’s real life pregnant bellies. They do a pretty decent job in my book.
  • I’m too old for this stuff…


The Re-Return:

Ted, Robin and Barney roll the Laser Tag place. They get caught by the owner.

“Son. You have been a pain in my ass ever since you’ve joined this club. But, dammit if this isn’t some of the finest TP work I’ve ever seen.”

Then…it’s turns…

“HELL NO! I’m calling the cops! Grown ass man with pink hair throwing toilet paper I’m too old for this s….”  Old Ted interrupts, “Stuff… he said stuff”