Sorry that I am so late with the review. Part of that is due to my schedule and life. The rest is that I hate posting negative reviews and I struggled to like this episode. To be honest, this episode was o.k. at best but not great. While the Robin and Barney story line had some strong moments, it felt too, well obvious. I mean we know from the title that will be her solution. And the Canadian/American jokes are normally really funny when the writers work only a few into each episode, but this seemed like too much.
   Anything with Lily lately seems pretty lame too. Again, she is a great actress and Lily has some funny moments, but it seems like they are completely changing the dynamic of Marshall and Lily. She just isn’t the same Lily I grew to love in the first seasons. I do see how the Lily and Marshall relationship is set to contrast the Barney and Robin thing, but I think overall they give married life a bad rap. I mean, I completely agree with Ted’s point and I wouldn’t dare bring my wife on a trip like that. Just wish they would give the married couple a little more coolness I suppose…I digress.

   The Ted and Marshall subplot had to be the salvation of this episode. Maybe I just identify with it more. And not to mention, I liked the caffeinated drink reference “TANTRUM!” For some odd reason, reminds me of the Jolt craze! The whole tearing up pillows and a phone book was both amazing and hilarious! Reminds me of when I drank 4 Jolt Colas while at a Tennis tournament. I swear I didn’t blink for 2 days.
    Overall maybe the Canadian viewers liked the episode a lot, for me it just wasn’t the greatest. The contunity issues are always a mild bummer to me, but the episode as a whole was more than I can look past this week. Again, sorry for the late review. I’m working on a way to eliviate that in the, but as for the episode, What did everyone else think?

How I Met Your Mother Music:

Legendary Lines:

Robin: I’m a Canadian. I was born there. My family’s there. It’s who I am.
Barney: Yeah, I know. And it’s provided us with a lot of laughs.

Barney: Not only are you wrong, but you are belligerently sticking to your guns and insulting me in the process. Robin Scherbatzky, you are an American!

Ted: It’s like a hot ball of led!
Marshall: Baby cut it out of me! Cut it out of me!

Lily: So you guys wanna talk about Bitches? I’m just kidding, they are called women.

Kenny Rogers: Cause olf Sparky walked out in front of a Cadillac and got splattered like a watermelon in one of them Gallagher shows.


Not So Awesome Moments (a first for here):

  • Flashbacks and continuity… Marshall had a very strict rule for the Fierro. "NO FOOD OR DRINK IN THE FIERRO!". This isn’t a small detail, they spent an entire episode and a few callbacks since on it. On a smaller detail note, Marshall is from Minnesota, he loves the cold like Robin, right?
  • Lily, she seems…well, not like Lily anymore. 
  • Please make the jokes more original and less predictable (for reference watch Season 1-3)

Moments of Awesomeness:

  • Kenny Rogers narrated books. I wonder where I could buy a copy of Goodbye Sparky
  • The after effects of Gazola’s on Ted and Marshall
  • SHRIP FRIED RICE! I loved Ted’s reaction.
  • I’ll never be able to look at Canadian Money the same way again… Queen Elizabeth does sorta look like Elton John.
  • Barney’s dramatic speech to Robin and ripping open the curtain only to see a brick wall. That may have been the best laugh of the episode.
  • Marshall ripped a phone book in half! TANTRUM!!!
  • Nothing symbolizes a fight like a hockey stick in the door handle.

The Re-Return:

  • Driving back home, Ted and Marshall are really feeling the effects of Tantrum and feeling awesome — Meanwhile Lily is hanging on to the roof of the car, shouting, "Tantrum!!!" and complaining about having to go pee.