HIMYM_double_date_1      There are some things in this series that we will never stop looking for and seeing Ted remember that he is dating to find his soul mate is refreshing. And to be truthful, this is the part of Ted I really like. Ted on a date is awesome, not douche Ted, not cool Ted, party Ted, not even architect Ted so much…date Ted/ romantic Ted is where I think Josh Radnor really shines. It’s one of the things that got me hooked on the show in the first place. And the whole idea of doing the same exact blind date years later? Pure genius.

     So now in addition to look for clues as to who the mother is, what other posters are in Barney’s office, and the other 2 slaps we are waiting to see the other 2 dopplegangers. Those sorts of things always make the show interesting. And HIMYM is always so good with callbacks anyways, there were quite a few tonight like Chewbacca and Robins hatred for Starwars, Lily’s obsession with sex and did I spy a pineapple in shopping back in Ted’s fantasy sequence? Still any episode with Moustache Marshall is good with me.

    I really feel like the Barney and Robin relationship is being rushed a little bit.  Maybe it’s just a simple case of them being contrasted with the seasoned couple of Lily and Marshall.  I don’t think it’s that far out that Robin would be uncomfortable with Barney at a strip club while nasty Lily is fascinated by her doppleganger, but it is a new role for Robin. Guess relationships do that.

     While I love romantic Ted, something about the rooftop scene with Ted and Jen didn’t seem right. Don’t get me wrong I love both of them but I think it was the whole will they won’t they thing that annoyed me. The bulk of the blind date was very good though and Ted’s what could have been fantasy scene was very cool. Furthermore, Marshall’s fantasy about other women and Lily having to die first kept getting funnier.

     Overall, the episode was pretty descent with some truly great moments. Thoughts from out in the inter-web-spaces?

How I Met Your Mother Music:


Legendary Lines:

Ted: Good for them! Lettin a guy eat pizza off your back, that’s love.

Marshall: If you need me I’ll be getting grinded like some pepper in the champagne room.

Robin: Did one of your whores tell you that?

Lily and the Minister: …plow her like a corn field.

Ted: You dress your cats up in weird costumes
Jen: They’re not weird, see, you’re being snobby again


Moments of Awesomeness:

  • the check dance… maybe I’m too far removed from the world of dating but I don’t remember expecting this from the ladies I took out. Women, am I just missing something here?
  • Dopplegangers. So now we have seen Lesbian Robin, Moustache Marshall and Stripper Lily. According to future Ted we will see Ted & Barney’s by the end of next Summer!
  • A life deadly hick-up disease.
  • Now we have seen Ted and Marshall in Chewbacca gear. Sweet.
  • I remember him coming across as a player”  and the shock that came from all Ted’s friends…and Ted.


The Re-Return

Lily dances while her doppleganger pretends to be her and asks for shopping money, “I am this Lily person”