Not much time left for Christmas shopping this year, but if you know a How I Met Your Mother fan then you may want to consider these suggestions of great HIMYM related Christmas gifts they will love.

1. Barney’s Motivational Posters.

      There are some very cool choices from Barney’s office wall. For a complete rundown of Barney’s collection go here. Various sizes and all, every true How I Met Your Mother fan should have the awesomeness poster, the conformity poster and yes even the perfection poster. These are truly the most authentic and highest quality posters you can find. They are truly Legendary!

2. A Yellow Umbrellathe-Yellow-Umbrella

    While it may seem silly, every HIMYM fan knows how significant the yellow umbrella is…though no one really knows how or the complete truth of why. And while it would be nice to find the *exact* yellow umbrella. I just can’t. My suggestion…Amazon has some descent yellow umbrella’s for the “it’s the thought that counts” sort of person, like this one. The closest copies to be found are the Yellow Lotus from Stella Brella or the handmade cotton from

51v24glaZFL._SL160_3. Season 4

    I can personally attest to the awesomeness of the Season 4 blu-ray. It’s simply amazing. Season 4 is available in 3 different formats: blu-ray, DVD, or download from amazon or How I Met Your Mother - How I Met Your Mother, Season 4…then again, if you download you can even get Season 5 from either (How I Met Your Mother - How I Met Your Mother, Season 5  or The WindowThe WindowAmazon). Face it, the ONLY thing better than watching How I Met Your Mother is watching it over and over again (that sounded really cheesy…)

4. One of Barney’s books, Bro Code or Bro on the Go

Barney’s wisdom extended from your television screen to the pages of a book. Seems odd I know, but I’ve read both and they are very funny.  Who know’s what he’ll write next…though I do hope (expect) to see a copy of the playbook some time soon. Get the Bro Code and Bro on the Go from Amazon.

5. How I Met Your mother T-Shirts.

    There are good for every occasion. Detour designs consistently has the coolest HIMYM shirts around. The greatest thing about detour is that not all of the shirts are obvious and I simply love that, like the Tokyo Ichi Action News Shirt or the Puzzles Bar Shirt. Legendary.

Slap Bet Commissioner Funny TV Humor T-Shirt1995 Slam Dunk Competition T ShirtSandcastles In The Sand TV Humor T-ShirtPuzzles Bar Funny T Shirt

Respect The Bro Code Funny Humor T-ShirtCanadians Funny T Shirt Dr. X on WESU fm T ShirtMarshall Approved Best Burger Humor T-Shirt

or try the t-shirts from 80sTees store. I know that HIMYM isn’t really an 80s show but I’m so glad they made the exception.

 Suit Up How I Met Your Mother t-shirtThe Bro Code t-shirtGoliath National Bank t-shirtSlap Bet t-shirt

Final Christmas thoughts, If you are finding this in a pinch, then let me suggest something quick and thoughtful. While Marshall may still think that Mix CD’s are cool, they are not…but thankfully Barney Stinson came along and brought back the awesome with his legen, wait for it……. DAIRY! Get Psyched Mix! Check out the How I Met Your Mother Music Page for the list get the songs from iTunes or Amazon and burn away! I leave you with Barney’s three favorite words.

Ho Ho Ho.