Just a heads up… I have been doing the “What really happened” first, but decided to move it to the end for those of you who might not like to know up front that the butler killed him in the Library with the Egg beater… With that out of the way, let’s begin.


My Thoughts:

Very funny episode. I honestly was afraid it might be a little too edgy but they kept it clean enough.  It’s always nice to see more of the old romantic and not quite sure of himself Ted coming back through. Like in the elevator with Vicky when Ted divulges a bit too much of his emotional state then says “Let’s pretend I said this instead.” The greatest laugh in the entire episode comes when Ted says he has walked in on some very strange things in the apartment, followed by the scenes. If I had to rate the show, I would give it 4.5 out of 5 pineapples. Also, anything that knocks being overly involved in fantasy football is awesome.


Legendary Lines :

Mitch: It’s shock, and awwwwwww.

Marshall: I call slut.

Robin: Exactly 10,000 drinks. However long that takes. (how long it takes to get over a break-up)

Barney: I’m like Batman. This Mitch fellow? He’s Superman, he just rips off his clothes and he’s good to go.

Ted: I just had decent sex with a terrible person. I’m back!

Ted: What pose did you go with?
Lily: I went with ‘I’ve got boobs.’
Marshall: And she nailed it.

Moments of Awesomeness:

  • Barney doing the Houdini Chinese Water Torture Cell was LEGENDARY! “You’ve been in there for 12 minutes!”
  • Robin holding of the Robbers at gun point
  • The appearance of the goat (May 8, 2009…ahh, more goat clues…this is better than finding out who the mother is!)
  • Ted’s fascination with Pablo Neruda…and the timing of said event was priceless. I know I’m odd, but I laugh.
  • Ted’s toast to Mitch. The superhero. The naked-man.
  • Barney’s mini speech on how the Naked Man could revolutionize one night stands. Also, his comparison of himself as Batman to Mitch as Superman. Did anyone else catch how curious Lily was again about Barney’s “gadgets”…much like in “The Goat (Season 3 ep 17) when she had all the questions for Robin about Barney?


Naked Man – Basically a hail marry move to get to sleep with your date when you know things aren’t going well on a date and you know there won’t be a second. Allure is from shock and curiosity. Effectiveness is 2 out of 3.

What really happened:

This episode begins with Ted telling the story of the girl that got him over Stella. He sees her in an elevator and the two immediately have a connection. After “testing the waters” (Saying Hello), we learn her name is Vicky and Ted, in his ever so open Ted-iest fashion, gets a date for that Friday. That afternoon Ted walks in on Robin’s date, Mitch, who is sitting on the couch totally in the buff (you know…au natural, exposed, in birthday suit, in the altogether,  in the raw, leafless,  unclad…I digress). Ted assumes that Robin and Mitch were in the middle of, well you know, and that Robin had forgotten to put out the sign (Mr. Wangs take our door hanger) and then walks out. He finds Robin on the phone and goes back up to Mitch who explains his last resort move “the Naked Man” which Mitch says works 2 out of 3 times. Ted joins the gang at the bar to tell them about the Naked man and they rush back up to the apartment to find the sign hanging on the door.

Later, back at the bar, Robin admits that she slept with Mitch. Marshall says it was only because he is naked and the only reason to sleep with anyone is love. Lily says there are more reasons than that and in fact can name 50.  The next few minutes are filled with some of these reason (side note: J.D. at have-you-met-ted.com get’s another great scoop and makes me jealous…again by getting the napkin from a “Carl Maclaren” with all 50 reasons…lucky bastige). Barney says he is going to try the naked man and Ted should try it with Vicky. Ted says he won’t because he doesn’t want to ruin things. Barney then picks up a blonde and the games begin.himym_nakedman_heismen

Everyone is out to prove something. Robin that she is not a slut. Barney that the Naked Man can work. Ted that he doesn’t need a move like the Naked Man. Lily, that there really are 50 reasons to have sex. As it turns out, Robin is wrong, Mitch knows why they are on a second date and calls her on it. Lily can’t think of 50 without Marshall’s help. And Ted Barney engage in a phone conversation of some great “Austin Powers” type naked poses, when Barney calls Ted to tell him he is going for it and Ted replies with “Me Too”. Ted discovered his date was a horrible human being, thought he might be wrong and then went back to the naked man move. In a surprise move, even Lily uses the Naked Man on Marshall. the effect. It works for 2 out of 3. Marshall, Lily, Robin and Ted meet at the bar where Ted toasts Mitch for the Naked man. Barney, who’s ate wasn’t so excited about the move runs around in his favorite suit” (yes, the birthday suit) for the remainder episode. Classic.