Seeing as my good friend Ben at howimetyourblog.com has decided to stop updating the site (we will miss you dude) and J.D. at have-you-met-ted.com keeps delaying his reviews because of his busy social life (congrats on all the cool stuff you’ve been doing by the way J.D.), I decided to start writing some How I Met Your Mother recaps. Be easy on me… I’m no where as good as those guys. On to the show.

What Really Happened:

Robin is wanting some girl time with Lily because things aren’t going so well for her right now (much like Ted). Problem is, Robin can’t seem to get any time without Marshall. Ted who is similarly down in the dumps get’s a chance to design the new Goliath National Bank building thanks to Barney, but he is up against the Swedish design firm “Sven.”


Lily ends up taking Robin to a coworker’s birthday party at a bar called “Giddy Up” but is shocked to find out they will be hanging with a group of “Wooo! Girls” (much like the Knights who say ni, girls who say Woooo…for everything!). Ted pitches his design for the Goliath building and feels he got the job for his firm, which would be a major account, but Barney later tells Ted that the board voted for “Sven.” Lily also notices Robin in a Limo screaming “Wooo!”

Marshall finds out that the board wanted to go with Ted’s design but Barney decided to go with Sven. Marshall confronts Barney, who tells him he was going to go with Ted but then Sven’s design was dinosaur shaped building that shoots fire and he wanted the Office in the brain. Marshall tells Barney there will be no further “conference calls” and locks him on the roof because he did that to a friend.

robin_wooo_girl Lily goes to "Giddy Up” to try and be a “Wooo girl” but Robin tells her she doesn’t need to because wooo girls are really unhappy and wish they were like Lily. Barney is on the roof with Sven and decides he made a mistake. He goes to “Giddy Up” where even Ted is yelling “woooo!” and tells Ted he got the job, as he is fixing to tell Ted the truth, Marshall cover’s for him and all is well. and though we don’t see it, Marshall later tell Ted the truth and they tie Barney on the mechanical bull for 3 hours.

My Thoughts:

Despite not playing into any story lines (LAME baby, Barney & Robin, Robin moving to Ted’s…) tonight’s episode wasn’t bad at all. There was some great lines at the beginning and the “Ted’s Best friend” gag never fails to get a laugh. Here lately, some of the episodes have seemed rushed but this one seemed to move a great pace.  As an former “aspiring architect” I would have loved to see the dinosaur building actually built. The “Woooo Girls” were a decent story line, but didn’t hit home as much with me as the Ted/Marshall/Barney story line.

I also think that Barney’s speech writer needs to work for the President (who knows…maybe he does). And Marshall’s pink cowboy hat cracked me up especially compared to Lily’s plastic fireman’s hat. If you always wait until the end for the “wrap-up bonus scene” you saw Barney getting off the mechanical bull. Quite humorous, but does anyone else notice that the tricycle keeps being alluded too? (Barney shows up with the two girls at Ted’s place during Happily Ever After… must just have been a popular bit.) Pigeons really are scary by the way. Thoughts?

Legendary Lines :

Marshall: Dude, Sweden is not France. You know that?
Barney: Oh, It’s France.

Marshall: You wanna go down to the current GNB building and…I dunno… pee on it a little bit?
Ted: Yea. Yea, I think I need that.ted_wooo

Lily: We saw you wooo.
Robin: Saw who woooo?
Lily: Saw you woo.
Robin: I didn’t woo.
Lily: You did too.
Robin: That’s not true.
Lily: Your nose just grew

Barney: So it’s agreed. All ATM fees are now called “Freedom Charges”

Barney: I never knew it until now, but I’ve always dreamed of that!

Barney: I picked it because it breathes fire Marshall.
Marshall: Fire Marshall

Sven: This is a waste of time. Push-ups

Moments of Awesomeness:

Barney’s speeches (these always remind me of the “We will be What’s up New your Speech”): American Architect speech, Woooo Girls speech, Barney’s Ted got the job speech.

Lily and Robin’s rhyming conversation.


“Woooo Girls” – a woooo girl is a young woman who like the coo coo bird or the whippoorwill gets her name from the signature sound that she makes

“conference calls” – a great excuse to hang out at your job on the roof drinking beer.


How I Met Your Mother Music: