My Thoughts:

This episode of How I Met Your Mother had some great moments but overall it just didn’t make me laugh I recant…this episode is hilarious when you watch it again later.. Barney being a little way into guys that fight was excellent.  Marshall had the best lines overall and made the episode descent. Along with that I do hope light sabers will be available for use in 3-5 years. The goat, murder train for Marshall’s fight scene… Great ep.

Despite the ongoing hints at a Barney/Robin story line (they like screwing with our minds don’t they?), the single contained episodes get me a little. I like them and all but I need some carry over here and there, some continuity…something that says wait till next week…but I’m sure like all other shows they will do that during the Season Finale so as to make everyone really mad (Anyone else hate that? and it’s not just HIMYM…must be something in “writing a T.V. Show 101)


Legendary Lines :

Lily: Stop fighting. It’s stupid and juvenile.
Kid: We’re 6. We are stupid and juvenile.

Ted: “It’s clobbering time” (I like this because of the Fantastic4 tribute aspect)

Barney (to Ted): That’s going to swell up real good. You’ll look like Owen Wilson.

Marshall: I’m serious woman, put it back in your pants!

Ted: Don’t ever get into a fight with Uncle Marshall.  The guy is freakin’ crazy.

Moments of Awesomeness:

  • Ted’s flashback fight sequences, especially when he gets punched during St. Patrick’s Day
  • when he and Marshall fight during “The Duel” from Season 1.
  • But most awesome the flashback to the goat in Ted’s apartment! That’s two weeks in a row! And according to Ted the real “goat” story is only a few weeks away.
  • Murder Train callback
  • How into fighting Robin was…and how into Barney she was after the fight
  • Marshall… the greatest guys in the universe are Crocodile Dundee and David Hasslehoff… how fun.


Other than the use of Marshall’s “Lawyered” phrase I couldn’t find much…maybe when I re-watch it tomorrow)

What really happened:

Ted decides to tell his kids the story of the only real fight he had ever been in. It begins with everyone being overly sympathetic to Ted because he got dumped at the alter.  A funny discussion goes on about how Barney fakes listening to conversations when he focuses in on a hot girl. Anyways, The group is hanging at the bar and we get introduced to Doug. Doug has been there since the since the beginning (don’t you love video editing?) and loves Ted, Barney, Robin, Lily, and Marshall. So much so that he tell some guys to leave their booth despite the protest of the group. Doug comes back to tell them that the ladies can take the booth and the men will be required in the alley so they can fight the guys who were in their booth.

Everyone is against the idea of fighting except Robin. Ted evaluates the the situation and decided he needs the experience of being in a fight. Robins love for the fighting man encourages Barney to jump in as well. Needless to say, Robin looks impressed.


When Ted & Barney finally get outside all 3 guys are unconscious and Doug thinks the guys were there all along and were apart of the fight.  After Doug goes back in Barney comes up with a legendary story (you have to love Barney’s speeches) but Ted says no one will believe them. So Barney punches himself, and then Ted.  Upon returning back inside the bar to cheers. Once back a the booth, Doug brings free drinks to everyone but Marshall, because Marshall didn’t have his back.

Later that night Marshall is upset because everyone made fun of him for not fighting. It should also be mentioned that Marshall mentions the 2 most manly men in the world are Crocodile Dundee and David Hasselhoff (no Chuck Norris? Please!).  Marshall goes to Lily’s class to teach the kids a lesson about not fighting. IT kinds of backfires and he ends up being called a wuss and laughed at by 6 year olds. Back to the bar, Barney and Ted ate trying to impress some girls with their fight story and then notice 2 guys in their booth. This time, they don’t want to fight, just serve papers for the fight the other day.

The guys take their papers to Marshall, who is still mad about last night. Even though he knows they are only liable for a fine, he lets them thin that jail time is possible and they fess up about what really happened. Robin comes in and is all into Barney and invites him to a hockey game until Marshall tells her the truth about the fight and leaves.  At the bar again, Marshall get’s the lawsuit dropped against Ted and Barney by telling them what pansies they really are. Then Doug finds out they sold him out.

Behind the bar again, Doug is mad the guy’s didn’t have his back. They tell him that he beat up the 3 guys by himself and he is less angry but still mad about Ted and Barney giving him up and tells Ted that is probably why Stella left him. Ted get mad and punches Doug. Then Doug knocks him out with one punch, thus the the only fight Ted has ever been in. Ted goes to Lily’s class to tell his story of why you should never get in a fight. Now he is a wuss too to the kids.

Ted then divulges what really happened. After, Doug punched Ted Marshall knocked out Doug. It appears he really did know how to fight thanks to his brothers (best laugh of the episode by the way…Murder Train…lol)


The Re-Return (a new little section I decided to add, this will include a short mention of the final scene that HIMYM comes back with after the show “ends”):

Sitting around the table for Thanksgiving (assuming 3-5 years in the future), Marshall, Lily, his brothers and family. Marshall prepares to carve the turkey…Jedi style with a green light