I like to monitor my twitter feed for any new HIMYM news and came across these tweets from “The Guild” actress Michell Boyd:

On set shooting HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER today! 🙂 #squee #happyactress    8:06 AM Mar 12th  

Aw yeah, baby. http://yfrog.com/jy5f2j Also, @alydenisof and @actuallynph are terrific. Not that you thought differently. ;)    10:44 PM Mar 12th

Wrapped!! AMAZING guest stars I got to act alongside today, but am scared of spoilerage. Can’t wait for it to air!  10:50 PM Mar 12th

What will her roll be? Doesn’t she look kinds like the kids, mother-ish (sorry, it’s an addiction to mess with people)? Which episode?

So many questions but not a lot of answers. And other than telling us that Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan were terrific (duh) she is cautions of “spoilerage”… interesting. discuss.