We all love news and some of us even love spoilers… The following links will be from least spoiler-ish to most spoiler-ish…in that order. You have been warned.

I’ve talked about it before and now we have more confirmation. The Wedding Bride movie mentioned in Season 4’s As Fast As She Can will be a part of an upcoming episode of HIMYM. EW and buddytv both report about who has been cast to play the parts for the HIMYM Wedding Bride film. To catch you up, Tony (Stella’s baby daddy/hubby) wrote a rather skewed version of the Ted/Stella/Tony story that has been made into a movie. In the movie (within the sitcom),Tony, is played by Sex and the City Adonis Jason Lewis, and Stella, by Watchmen hottie Malin Akerman. Ted, renamed Jed Moseley in the flick, is, portrayed as a jerk by none other than… The Middle’s Chris Kattan.

Zap2it’s Korbi got a killer interview and some great stuff on the end of the season & future. Including Lily & Marshall news, Robin and Don spoilers and news about when we will see the Ted & Barney’s lookalikes. It’s a great article but seriously, don’t read it unless you really want to know.