Who doesn’t love Mario? (It’s rhetorical so if you don’t keep your mouth shut). And Mario, Mushrooms the Princess…there are thousands of creative ways to show "Brotherly” love. Combine that with my love of t-shirts and your get the official "Ten Most Awesome Mario T-Shirts on the Internet"

1. I Don’t Wanna Grow Up – An neither do I. This shirt symbolizes everything that is good about Mario and bad about life.


2. 1up Mushroom – If only everyone could have their very own 1up mushroom. Then when things go horribly wrong you could just end it all and restart at the beginning of the level.


3. Score with the Princess – One of the first idealized female influence in most men’s lives, the princess is hot. Take this shirt as you would.


4. Mario Revolution – Viva La Mario! Nice spoof of the popular Che Guevara t-shirt. On this t-shirt Che’s face has been replaced with that of the original revolutionary, Mario.


5. Mario Brother Plumbing – Established in 1985 the Mario Brothers Plumbing company has been doing most of their business in the Mushroom Kingdom however they are available for house calls.


6. Get a Life – Not just a simple put down, but advice… I’ mean you’ll probably need that for the next level.


7. Mario Warp Zone – I’ve tried climbing over walls in my home and workplace to find these. If only…

Mario Warp Zone

8. This is Why I’m Hot – Fire flowers are useful in winning arguments. Keep this in mind. The great thing about this way of throwing fireballs is that you don’t have to say words like “Hadouken



9. Mario/Luigi 08 – The best choice our country could possibly make. True Story.


10. I’d Hit That – What is in that box? Gold Coins? Super Mushrooms? Fire Flowers? There’s only one way to find out. You’ve got to hit it.



Honorable Mentions (Basically means 12 Most Awesome Mario shirts, but 10 who ever heard of a top 12 list?):

Big M – Simple but powerful. The “Big M” is enough to make koopa troopas shake in their shells.


Oh snap – Parade around with the abusive taunting power of the Piranha Plant. (Razor Teeth not included)