We open with Ted and Mother with her cute preggo belly in a Farhampton Inn Hotel room in 2017 while Mother is in labor. The scene quickly transition back to “Present Day” which one tweeter argued isn’t really present day, since 2030 is technically present day in the HIMYM world…touché.

Barney’s face is still red and throbbing after getting slapped by Marshall. Meanwhile Marshall is trying to prolong the pause as much as possible because he doesn’t want to have a smackdown with Lily. However it is not 2:01am and we are reminded that nothing good happens after 2am. Barney ends up getting Jabba Drunk, but then quickly turns into truth serum drunk. Robin and Ted use this time to get answers to long unanswered questions. In the process we learn that Robin is rich, like worth 6,000 Canadian craploads. They get back to grilling Barney and we get some interesting responses. Ted then drops the million dollar question, what does Barney do for a living! Barney’s job is PLEASE which stands for Provide Legal Exculpation And Sign Everything. Barney lands this job back in 1998 from Greg, the man who stole his hippy girlfriend and changed his life. Greg takes Barney under his wing, however Barney really was long-gaming Greg all along and revealed his plan which ended up going down. Barney was in cahoots with the Feds as told Greg about his long planned revenge while “Barney Stinson is Awesome” played in the background. Robin still is trying to find out if there will be a RingbearER at her weddings and Barney says that the RingerbearER is Trevor Hudson and that Barney works with his mother which is a huge sigh of relief for Robin.

Meanwhile Marshall and Lily head up to their room to unpause, but not before Lily gets some long overdue loving. Marshall accepts a self appointed challenge to have some super long loving to further put off fighting. After Marshall’s sweet loving that puts Lily to sleep Marshall steps on Ted’s “I wove you mommy” talking stuffed animal that leads to waking Lily up and the fight unpausing. I could see it in Alyson Hannigan’s eyes right away this fight was going to be serious. So much emotion, so many feelings. Lots of words were said, but Marshall brings up 7 years ago when Lily broke up with him and moved to San Francisco, which is clearly still a very much tender and sore subject for him. Lily can’t handle the real talk and leaves the hotel room and calls for SOMEONE to pick her up from the Farhampton Inn.

The episode closes with a flashforward back to 2017 with Ted, pregnant mother and baby girl Mosby leaving the Farhampton Inn for the hospital. We learn that their daughter is named PENNY and that mother is about to give birth to a son named LUKE. The Mosby’s head to the hospital in the mini-van…and scene.

Legendary Lines

  • Marshall: We’re not unpaused?   /   Lily: Not yet, mama needs some papa.
  • Ted: Just tell me in baseball terms.   /   Barney: I got thrown out trying to stretch a single into a double.
  • Marshall: Please excuse medium sized fudge.
  • Barney: Yes, but not the MIT you are thinking of. The Magicians Institute of Teaneck.
  • Marshall: You did it. You banged your wife to sleep. Nice job.
  • Ted: Not so fast princess, I guess subtle clues and the bar tab are two things you just don’t pick up…
  • Barney: Good. I mean I’m a little nervous, but I love Robin more than I’ve ever loved anyone and I’m going to do everything that I can to make her happy. For a long time, deep down, I felt sort of broken. But I don’t feel that way anymore. Robin, along with the idea that vengeance would soon be mine, has made me 100% awesome.
  • Narrator Ted: 2am it’s a good rule, but every rule has an exception and for us that exception was you Luke.

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Lily’s love/hate word choices towards Marshall
  • Never before seen callbacks to previous Marshall and Lily pauses
  • Barney’s Jabba speak
  • Ted artifacts
  • Barney’s road dogs drunk accent
  • Marshall pre-bang pep talk
  • Barney pressing record on the camera attached to his XXX ray goggles.
  • Marshall un-arousing mental picture montage…especially how your TMJ night guard smells in the morning and bugs with boobs.
  • Barney correcting the facts in Robin and Ted’s argument about money when they were dating.
  • Greg putting his hang out to fist bump Barney and Barney high fiving it, which really makes it an awkward turkey of sorts.


  • The whole concept that nothing good happens after 2am
  • Richard Dawson drunk Barney
  • Barney always responding with “please” when asked what he does for a living.
  • Greg and Hippy Barney
  • Marshall trying to distract Lily which is calves


Trevor Hudson!

Lingering Questions

  • So Robin’s wealth is from her family, not Robin Sparkles eh?
  • Who does Lily call to pick her up? Mother? Ranjit?
  • What do you think is going to happen with Lily and Marshall?
  • Most importantly what were your reactions when you learned the kids’ names?

For me Penny made me think of when Ted and Barney licked the Liberty bell back in season one in “Sweet Taste of Liberty” and Ted revealed that it tasted like pennies. Also I thought of the “Lucky Penny” episode in season 2 that keeps Ted from getting that job in Chicago. Luke was an obvious choice since Ted always said he wanted a boy and a girl named Luke and Leila. Luke seems like the more practical choice. I’m curious if we learn how Penny exactly got her name sometime in these last 10 episodes. Wow, we’re also down to single digits.