We find ourselves 52 hours before the wedding and the elderly tennis balled walker relatives descend upon the Farhampton Inn. Barney and Robin want to get in one last bang, bang, bangity bang, bang, bang, bangity bang before their wedding, but succumb to the lack of an exciting private spit to do the deed.

Lily gets her hands on Ted’s New York goodbye bucketlist. In the process we learn that a number of sword fights happen on April 26th, well two sword fights.

Oh yeah and Marshall is still traveling cross country with Daphne – today they are in Wisconsin.

Legendary Lines

Lily: Thank you Linus. (Still not old yet)

Ted: Here’s my point and your point.

Ted: She’s breathtaking!

James: I’m gay, I’m black, and I’m getting a divorce. Those wallking skeletons are going to have more questions for me than their pharmacists.

Barney: Plus his testicles were swinging like a broken yo-yo.

Moments of Awesomeness

  • All the Princess Bride references (including Lily butchering the line)
  • Ted fixing the graffitti (you’re)
  • Mandy Patinkin
  • Robin drinking the bourbon out of the broken bottle
  • Lily’s great life lecture to Ted about saying goobye to heartache


  • The swords!!!
  • Aldrin Justice in the form of Ted in the old tyme bathing suit and Marshall in Packers gear.
  • Lily stealing the Glen McKenna.

Lingering Questions

How frequently do you think we will see the Mother this season?

Seriously more purple on Ted, what does it mean? I want to challenge someone to track the amount of times he wears purple over the course of the series. In fact Lily and Barney have purple on too. hmmmmmmm