HIMYM does a great job tonight of hitting the funny and throwing in those moments. You know the moments I’m talking about, like the one where Ted proposed and Victoria says Yes, but No Robin anymore… Those moments come out of nowhere sometimes, even though we all know that they are always there waiting to kick us in the crotch. I’m not really certain of the female equivalent of that phrase. Never really asked. Punched in the boob? Hit in the ear? I guess that would hurt anyone since women don’t have the market cornered on ears…sorry for the rabbit trail…

Victoria: I really hope you get her someday.

And of obviously Robin will find out and yep, you guessed it… we’ll get to that. That was an annoying part. Especially since this is now Season 8 and we have no official word if this is it or not, so you have to be moving towards the end game. Besides, Ted telling his friends Robin can’t find out is like Bruce Wayne trying to keep his secret identity from a girl he likes. Sure the episode is entertaining for the most part, but it’s beginning to feel like it’s just being realized that they have to potentially wrap things up this season. The issue is some things are still being added like the "get to that later" stuff… which I’d wager that EVERY fan hates those words. And other things simply get poorly and speedily written. This may have been the same Victoria when she came back at first but her character has been changed for sure and not in good ways.  The messy, needy, and jealous girl isn’t the same girl that came back at first. Even if some of this were true, you don’t sprint things like not being friends with Robin that quickly when there has been time to hint at it before. I digress. Let’s say I thought Victoria was awesome, knew she wasn’t the mother…but again, I’ll miss her presence.

Robin is the roadblock for Ted. Even Lily knows it. I’ll unpack this more in a moment. Once Robin was brought up you know it’s over. In Ted’s mind going after Robin is like send a politician to try and fix social security… that relationship/career is over. And we all know how important Robin is… The show started with her. Most fans I know wish that Robin could be the mother, but most fans also know that it’s not meant to be and have started pulling for she and Barney. Robin is the problem in almost every breakup… including hers.  Speaking of her relationship. You know it’s coming soon, but Nick was awesome this week.

Barney & Brover. Funny. Original, or at least I havent’ seen it used yet. I’d love to see Brover come back and the ring bearer for the wedding. Who knows.

Marshall & Lily. I don’t even wanna talk about it I was so under-intertained by them this week. Please never channel the inner goddess again. I beg of you.


Legendary Lines

Marshall: No 32 year old woman is happy with taking things slow…

Barney: The bitches love him… he buries bones all day…

Victoria: Do you think I need to keep this wedding dress? Or I will never ever need it again?

Ted: You guys are the worst.

Nick: popping a chub for some grub… eat my meat…

Robin: It’s not what you think, he just wants to have sex.


Moments of Awesomeness

  • Brover
  • That is completely why any couple invites anyone over. True Story.
  • Squirel-lock Holmes…loving these animal names. But if they fight I’ve got $20 on Brover…he looks scrappy.
  • Mrs. Fudge… I’ll always love the Big Fudge call back.
  • the "absolutely no boogie sign" in from of MacLaurens… how have I not noticed that before?
  • Possible spinoff for HIMYM: The Mosby Boys. Tell your friends.

New Jersey

  • I’m not really digging Marshall’s new hairstyle… maybe I just need time.
  • Marshall is usually the funniest part of the show consistently IMHO. But Lily and Marshall tonight… come on.
  • I really liked Victoria,except for maybe her short hair. Not really the way she was portrayed in the last few episodes though. I know she wasn’t going to be the mother but it’s unfair to a good character and seemed like lack of imagination in writing her character. I honestly wonder if the conversation was about how they had to change Victoria to get rid of the perfect girl…
  • I don’t mean to shatter the glass for anyone, but was the laugh track a little heavy tonight?


The Re-Return

(the moment after the main part of the show it over when you get a quick re-return for one last laugh)

It’s Brover and a lady friend!

Brover: Some crazy bitch says I knocked her up
Barney: So you do have balls



Lingering Questions

  • Does the clock reset or unpause? I think there is a ratio involved somewhere…maybe complex mathematics.
  • How much longer do you think that Nick and Robin have?
  • Anyone want to put $5 on Lily spilling the beans to Robin?
  • What did you think of the Autumn of Breakups?