Hi kids, I mean readers. Sorry for taking our sweet ass time to get this up, but we figured it took Ted 8 years to tell the story of how he met the Mother, so we figured you all have developed enough patience over time.

We kick things off with 55 hours until the wedding and the gang heads out east to the fictional town of Farhampton. Ted annoys Lily, to the point that she wants out of the car and takes the train. And on that training Lily is the first of the gang to MEET THE MOTHER! The mother who was cuter and more endearing than I though she’d be, but then again she was created by the same writes who gave us 5 characters that we’ve loved for 8 years, so I knew deep down I had nothing to worry about. We detour from the Mother for a minute to see Ted act like a freaking crazy person who apparently went to California to get Robin’s locket from Stella’s storage unit. I’ve ALWAYS ALWAYS rooted for Ted and have tried to see the best one very bad decision he’s made, but this locket stuff is just TOO MUCH. Ted being the wildcard at the wedding is scary, especially since we all know, ” you should never invite an ex to your wedding.”

Barney and Robin think through which of the invited wild cards is going to ruin their wedding and they have a lot of invited wildcards including a common crazy cousin Mitch. Barney and Robin have a telepathic conversation that Robin thinks solidifies them as soulmates, but Barney fears it’s a weird cousin thing. Thankfully they find out they weren’t related.

Marshall is trying to fly home, but fights with a woman on the flight said gets kicked off the flight. I found this storyline to be a bit of a throwaway, probably because Jason Segal was off filming something and needed his own scenes. The only saving grace of those scenes was how freaking cute baby Marvin and his outfit were.

Legendary Lines
Lily: Please stop!
Ted: I was just going to slow down for pictures, but that level of enthusiasm can’t go unrewarded.

Ted: You’re a 21st century toilet

Robin: Are truckers always beating him up?
Barney and Robin: Because he has to hitch hike with his middle finger.

Mother: You just took a cookie from a complete stranger on a train, I like how trusting you are, there could be drugs or poison in there?
Lily: Well there’s not is there?
Mother: I don’t know I found them under my seat.

Future Ted: and that’s how Lily met your mother.

Robin: So you and I share no DNA whatsoever.
Barney: Let’s change that.

Barney: …our wedding is going to be legendary.
Robin: No wait for it?
Barney: I’ve got you, I don’t have to wait for it anymore.

Moments of awesomeness

  • Lily honking Ted’s horn at him for driving slow (that is SO something I would do)
  • Lil and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  • Ring bear
  • James “performance” flashback featuring “K Rog”
  • Robin bringing the phrase “Canucking nuts” into our lives
  • Sombitches
  • Future Ted interrupting all the “annoying”things Ted did, to tell us (and this kids) that he indeed had those things in common with the Mother and the gem of Mother nicknaming Ted – Lady Tedwina Slowsby

Picture of the gang from 8 years ago, back when people bought disposable cameras.

Lingering questions and Random thoughts

  1. It wasn’t until the second time that I noticed that Marshall’s mom has a CORDED phone. I loved her old school computer with dial up, but the phone I weirdly never noticed this episode.
  2. I want to read a book called “The Lonely Unicorn” is the HIMYM merch store selling it yet?
  3. I loved all the little bell noises that subtly rang anytime the Mother did something that illustrated how perfect she was for Ted.
  4. Seriously what is with Ted and the color purple. They had a clue themed episode 2 seasons ago with Katy Perry, when it was very obvious, but I’ve really come to notice that Ted wears purple a lot – that has to mean something?! SERIOUSLY SO MUCH PURPLE.
  5. I hope we get to see Lily’s other tackle(s) of the weekend.