BeAwesomeInstead.com Disclaimer

For some reason a lot of people find this site and think I’m writing it solely for the money, that I’m selling something or trying to sign people up for some sinister and selfish purpose.

Having said this – I do ‘get’ things out of this blog (including money) and want to declare it up front in the hope that it might give you a more complete picture of my motivations from maintaining BeAwesomeInstead.

So What do I get out of BeAwesomeInstead.com?

I believe in being transparent with one’s blogging so as part of that I want to tell you what I gain from this blog up front. Here’s what I receive from BeAwesomeInstead.com:

Money – Yes I do make a little money from this blog – not much since the show is over now but syndication helps. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases like the songs mentioned on the HIMYM Music page and episode discussions.

Satisfaction – I enjoy this blog. I loved the show (even the finale) and enjoy writing the content and I enjoy meeting and helping readers, I’ve made great friends and connections from the show and even got put on TV for some Super Fan promos!

What does this Blog Cost me?

If I’m being transparent about what I get out of this blog I feel I should also be transparent about what it costs me (it only seems fair). Part of my philosophy of blogging is that an honest portrayal should always be given – I don’t want to paint BeAwesomeInstead as only a positive, easy, rewarding thing – this would be dishonest.

Time – I spend more time writing posts for this blog. I also get a lot of comments as well as many emails from readers asking questions and wanting insight on things like  Whilst I can’t respond to all of them I do endeavor to help as many as I can (it’s getting harder and harder these days) – this takes an increasing amount of time and energy. Blogging is hard work most days – I put in longer hours than I’ve ever put into any other job.

Money – Since the show is off the air, traffic and any money I did make is way down. To the point that I’m leaving this online as a labor of historical love. But it’s far more going out (hosting cost & time to keep everything up to date and secure) than in.

In Conclusion.

I am not a lawyer or an accountant. Any legal or financial advice I give is my opinion based on my experience. Always seek the advice of a professional before acting on something that I might say. There probably isn’t much but it’s worth mentioning.

You should assume I have motivation for linking to everything on this page and will benefit from it somehow. You should assume I am no better then you are and your opinion has just as much weight as mine. You should question everything. Especially Ted.