I was trying to think about what could be more awesome than Season 6 of How I Met Your Mother. And then I gave up because it was a fruitless exercise… but then I thought, if not more awesome what could be as awesome? Free stuff.

That’s right. Free. I plan at least 3 contests this season, the first of which starts with the HIMYM Season 6 Premier. This time I’ll be giving out your choice of a 16×20 poster from the be awesome instead store.

So now you are thinking… what must I do to win Mr. Super-cool and awesome site guy? Well it’s simple.  There are multiple ways to enter, and the more you do the more times you enter. So what are they?

1. Follow us on Twitter: @bawesomeinstead.com . Mention us or any of our posts on twitter and I’ll give out extra entries! or just say:

Love the Legendary? Want an awesomeness poster like HIMYM Follow @bawesomeinstead or check contest details: http://bit.ly/cMwMy8

2. Fan us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/thehimymsite

3. Comment on the episode recap/discussion. This is the post you are looking for, HIMYM Better Days Review . Discuss more means more entries. I’ll only be checking the Premier for this contest.

4. Link to us! If you have a blog then you can get even more entries, 5 to be exact. Link to anything and I’ll see it but if you need some suggestions try some of our favorites like the How I Met Your Mother Music page , Barney’s Poster Collection, or the Awesomeness Poster

5. Buy anything else from the store! We’ve got some great posters…Awesomeness, Conformity, Perfection, Suit Up and we’ll be adding more soon!

That’s it! I’ll announce the winner before Episode 2 of Season 6. That’s not much time for this one so hurry up people!

Contest OVER! The winner was twitter follower @sve! Thanks to all who entered and stay tuned! We have at least 2 more contests planned this Season!