I already have a father. And his name, is Loretta.

~ Odd, but great from Barney

himym_cleaning_house fam


Moments of Awesomeness

  • Wayne Brady. Casting his as Barney’s brother may have been one of the best HIMYM moves ever. period. True Story.

  • I feel like the way Barney emotionally protects himself was almost scary. Still his denial is quite funny.
  • Barney’s ability to talk people, his friends included, into things is Legendary…curiously though, I wonder what that conversation was like?
  • Teddy West side… but seriously the Karate Kid wasn’t that amazing.
  • Young Barney’s mental image of the postmaster General was hilarious… of course next time you see it you get all teary eyed. Lil Barney is a cute kid.
  • The lies…not that lying is good. Just the portrayal here is funny. Let that be a lesson kids.


Legendary Lines

Marshall: Unsubscribe.

Ted: That’s what your mom said.
Barney: How dare you!
Ted: No, she actually said that.

James: Barneys no help, he still believes every lie mom told him, but not me I caught on early… Careful! Michael Jackson sent me that glove for my ten…damn.

Ted: You said she was a 10.
Robin:  I did not specify on what scale.

Marshall: Yea, but that’s a good lie. Liek when we tell Ted that he’ll meet the right girl and settle down.
Ted: I always find that reassuring.

Barney: Ah valentines. The second base of third grade.

Robin: He’s gonna say “Are you finished?” more times than a waiter in a busy restaurant.


Re-Return Moment

James & his dad, Sam Gibbs sing a duet of Stand by Me. Moments later Barney slides in Tom Cruise style with autotone in hand. “Can we go camping?”

The Wrap-Up

      The reason I loved Scrubs was that you could very easily be laughing hysterically in one moment and at the verge of tears the next, HIMYM reminded me of that tonight. I wasn’t crying, but good grief, I did start to feel a tug as the final moments of the episode rolled and Barney sat in the room with his mom. When the Thomas and Bays said that they hoped no one would call the show sitcomey after this season, I was curious about how. Cleaning house may be a huge step in that direction.  At one point I was thinking this was going to be back to the Season 5 one off episodes, but after tonight I can start to feel what I hope is a very well thought out plan and arc.

    Looking back to last week for a moment, Big Days was funny, but the thing that people cared about the most was the wedding. Who’s was it? I only mention that here because a lot of people, myself included, feel it’s Barney’s wedding. An episode like this could potentially go a long way when looking through those lenses.  I know a lot of people love Barney as the ladies man, but if Barney stayed just that guy the whole time it would be disappointing. That’s probably why I loved Robin & he together so much. It meant there was more to him that the emotionally shallow bro we saw.

   Now enough of that, I don’t want to get all “I need a tissue” and what not. I started loving HIMYM for the laughs and they were in there tonight. Overshadowed by the emotional nature of the ending, but still there. Let’s start with this, the Karate Kid. Classic and good, yes…mind blowing, really? Robin and Ted did have some good moment with the over sale. And Lily and Marshall were great support.  I’m having trouble deciding if the funnies moment was them in the truck or Barney’s autotone.

    Well enough about me,  what did I miss that you liked?  Favorite moments? What did you think?