More on Who Is the Mother from HIMYM

about.the.motherThe biggest question on the minds of most How I Met Your Mother fans is simple… Who is the mother? Considering the response, let’s consider part one of this the article: About the Mother from How I Met Your Mother, I talked about what we know through Season 3.  With that as a reference, Let’s take another look at the mystery of the mother. (ps, I’ve closed comments on the old post 650+ is too much to read.)


FUN Facts (let’s have fun with these):

  • She was in the Economics 305 class, when Ted gives his Architecture lecture. (ref. s05e01, “Definitions” )
  • She was at the St. Patty’s day party where Ted was being a jerk and originally found the Yellow Umbrella (ref. s03e12 “No Tomorrow”)
  • She is Cindy’s (Rachel Bilson) room mate (ref. s05e12 “Girls vs. Suits” )
  • The mom now has her Yellow Umbrella back (ref. s05e12 “Girls vs. Suits” )
  • He doesn’t wait days to call (ref. s04e21 “Three Days Rule” )
  • Ted says he meets her the wedding from the Season 6 Premier. We know he is the best man at eh wedding and that it starts to rain and he forgot his umbrella. No mention of whose wedding, but it’s truly a big day. (ref. s06e01 “Big Days” )
  • Ted has not met her before “Lucky Penny”. Ted says his destiny was to stay in NY because if he hadn’t he never would have met their mother, while showing a wedding glimpse. (ref. s02e15 “Lucky Penny”)


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