Neil Patrick Harris Gets Star On Walk Of Fame

Congrats to NPH who got a start on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Today… is it just me or is this an unintentional photobomb by Jason Segel? I love Segel in the back of this but it would have been hilarious to have Nathan Fillan photobomb the moment, intentional or otherwise.

And look at that you beautiful bastard, You Suited Up!

Congrats Neil!


Amazing Race-y Actors Interview

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Pre Season 6 Pics & Love


Neil Patrick Harris and Wayne Brady from a pre-season twitter picture.


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Suit Up!


courtesy of one of my favorite readers!

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2010 Emmy Nominations

Just a quick summer note. Congrats to Neil Patrick Harris for his nomination (and hopeful win) for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

HIMYM also got Emmy nominations for their Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series, Hairstyling for Multi-Camera Series or Special, and Music & Lyrics for “Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit”. Not a lot of huge cast nods but I think the crew of HIMYM is amazing and hope they win them all. The Cast and Crew of HIMYM does an amazing job!

Congrats Neil and the crew, you all deserve a lot more.

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8-bit Dr. Horrible

The internet knows no bounds… If you enjoyed Dr. Horrible then perhaps you would enjoy seeing what it would look like as an 8-bit video game. It’s legendary.

…I plan to watch it again at home when I can get my 8-bit tie to wear…i figure it will make the experience better.

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