Happy International Day of Awesomeness

It’s a little late to say so but Happy International Day of Awesomeness! I’ve been busy celebrating all day, plus I had my awesomeness poster to remind me. Awesomeness Fun Fact: It’s also the day Chuck Norris decides that his birthday can be celebrated. Coincidence?

Celebrate Accordingly. To learn more about the day check the Official IDOA website. To get youself one of the original Awesomeness Posters visit the Be Awesome Instead Store. To be awesome… we jsut keep doing what you are doing. And remember, When I get sad, I just stop being sad and be awesome instead. True Story.

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the Suit Up Motivational Poster



So we already know that people seem to love Barney Stinson’s motivational posters from How I Met Your Mother…but there is more to Barney than just that. Especially the catch phrases. Legen-dary, High Five, Say What, Please and True Story…but the one we associate best with Barney? Suit Up! ..well that or any of the many variations, like:

Snowsuit Up!
Birthday suiting Up!
Slut Up!
Spacesuit up!
You are suited in an unmistakably upward direction!

So other than a great suit what else do you need to show people that you are different from the millions of t-shirt and jeans lemmings out there. How about Suit Up poster.  I’ve also decided to start adding a new motivational poster to the Be Awesome Instead Store at least every month. And this month is inspired entirely by Barney. I also felt this poster was so legendary that I needed a vertical and a horizontal version. For now I only have the large sizes but I plan to add more soon.

Get yours  at the Be Awesome Instead Store and check back often for more updates and new poster’s and shirts.


the Perfection Motivational Poster


SO if you have been around here long or watched How I Met Your Mother for any length of time then you are probably familiar with the Awesomeness Poster and the legendary poster collection in Barney’s office. Despite the Awesomeness poster being the most famous, I have always thought the coolest was the Perfection poster. The poster was there in Season 1 & 2, gone from the walls in Season 3 and back but in a different spot in Season 4! There has never been a 100%  positive id on the catch phrase but I’m fairly certain it says:

It is not good enough to win, everyone else should lose

It’s either everybody or everyone. More to the point though, it’s not exact but I’m building my own ultimate motivational poster collection like Barney Stinson’s and thought that, like the awesomeness poster, it was time to build the Perfection Poster…so, now available from the be awesome instead store is the perfection motivational poster. Try to control yourselves.


the Barney Stinson Office Poster collection. True Story.


Barney Stinson's Office Posters

Ok How I Met Your Mother fans, it would seem there has always been a lot of speculation about the “butt load of motivational posters” in Barney Stinson’s Office. I actually get a question or comment related to this once a week or so… given the popularity of this topic I did some research, and feel it’s time now (before season 4 changes the wall again) the drop some knowledge. This post is only accurate through the end of Season 3, so feel free to comment and I’m sure there will be a revised post in the future.


Motivational Posters – Conformity Penguins


Greetings fellow How I Met Your Mother fans and those who love awesome motivational posters. It’s no secret that most of my visitors come here for information on Barney Stinson’s Awesomeness Poster. Many of you have also requested some of the other Motivational Posters from Barney’s office. I have also been working on several of the other posters (more coming soon, I promise!), however until then let’s talk about the Conformity Motivational Poster. In “Life Among the Gorillas” not only do we see the poster but we without a doubt know what it says because Marshall reads it out loud. It reads “Conformity, It’s the one who is different that gets left out in the cold.”

The original poster shows a group of penguins. However, I originally felt that a more accurate poster would only have 1 penguin (because it’s alone…try and keep up), well that and I couldn’t find the original stock. So for your enjoyment, I have made up a desktop version of the poster that can be downloaded from here. It is 1680 x 1260 and in jpg format. The photo in the poster is from Eli Duke (flickr page and homepage). Thanks Eli, hope it meets your approval! Download here.

In more recent days, the stock photo has actually been found by 3 different beawesomeinstead.com readers. Thanks all of you! Sorry, I dropped the ball but it’s cool I can count on you.  Now the original conformity poster is available in a HQ poster size in the Be Awesome Instead store. I’ve discontinued the fan version but I’m leaving it down there as a keepsake…(feel free to say awww….)



other credits: penguin tour from flickr.

Thursdays Need Motivation – Potential

Due to lack of motivation (at my job and otherwise)…today’s (de-)motivational poster come from flick where it was apparently scanned from the original despair.com poster… at least maybe. Either way, how true this is.

Enjoy. Be motivated. Find a better job…whatever.


I found this on flickr here.

Ironically enough… the comment on my insult a day calender today was supposedly on a federal government employee performance evaluation and says:

I would not allow this employee to breed.

Thursdays Need Motivation – Mediocrity


I am sure this is a blatant rip-ff of despair.com (if not directly from there). However, since it’s late on Thursday and I am drugged up from the dental work I had today this is all you get. Don’t you love mediocrity?


Motivation – Valentines Day Edition – Relationships

Today is February the 14… a day created by greeting card companies (or perhaps the government) to stimulate the economy by forcing men in relationships to go out and buy flowers (which normally grow wild and free but not in February, thus the placement of the holiday) and candies (in quantities which no health conscious person should eat), all for the sake of some Catholic guy named Valentine. So while the bulk of us are paying 4x the price that flowers normally cost, single people are to feel bad because they have no one.

To this end, I decided to dedicate this Thursday’s motivational poster (I know it’s always de-motivational, don’t you people understand sarcasm by now?) to the single population. Today’s poster comes from Mr. Mark off of flickr.


Have a Happy Valentines Day and Enjoy.



Serenity Motivational Poster

The whole Thursdays Need Motivation idea has been going ok, but like I said earlier, it’s hard to find quality shots…especially of the larger desktop version. This week I have been working on one of my own…not exactly an original idea but the thought all together may be. Below you will find two desktops (1600x 1200) and a poll. I was actually thinking about selling this one as a poster on Cafepress like I did (link to the Be Awesome Instead Store) with the Awesomeness Poster variation from How I Met Your Mother.

If you would, take a look…decide which you like best (if either) and leave a vote if you would. And remember, this is for posterity so be honest. ( I never can resist time for a good PB reference).

Thanks and enjoy.

Option 1:


Option 2:


(I took down the poll. Option 2 won, though. I still feel as though I could get a better picture though.)

Link to 1600.1200 res desktop background files:

Option 1

Option 2

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Thursdays Need Motivation – Unemployment

Here we are at Thursday again…That means you need some motivation to get you through today and into the weekend. I must admit that finding quality demotivational posters that represent the awesomeness that is beawesomeinstead.com has not been as easy as I once thought it would be. So if you have any suggestions feel free to send them to me by commenting on this post or using my contact page. I’m not sure where I found this one…the site in the bottom corner says dannychoo.com but even he admits he has no clue who made it though. It is however a great laugh so enjoy. And to all of those Star Wars fans out there…You are welcome.


Link to original file.

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Thursdays Need Motivation – Motivation

Last weeks Motivational Poster (Patience) brought a great deal of traffic to BAI. Over 1200 hits in less than 24 hours. Thanks to all our visitors (hopefully returning) from StubmleUpon. And feel free to Stumble or Digg anything here.


Even though this is a blatant rip-off of the despair.com poster for motivation…. I like it better. It speaks so much truth about motivational posters, and also explains why I think these deserve attention. It was made by another flickr user by the name of ErinsWorld. Here is a direct link to the photo/poster in question. Also notice the site in the corner “dey.despair.com.” This is a very cool little section of the despair.com website that allows you to generate (with ease) your own (de)motivational posters…even if they are just like the ones you see there. Enjoy.


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Thursdays Need Motivation – Patience


Today’s poster comes from flickr user rgdaniel. I think work makes me feel like this quite often…I won’t name any names but they can guess who they are. The sentiment of this poster is truly awesome though.

Enjoy and Happy Thursday.

Here is a link to the original flickr page.

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