How I Met WGN America

For some of us, Monday night’s of How I Met Your Mother just isn’t enough, luckily TV stations like WGNA are there to give us even more! This also means some cool news for Be Awesome Instead and How I Met Your Mother Superfans. Because of the insane attention to detail that we try to provide here, WGNA is considers as one of it’s superfan sites.  This means that when you watch HIMYM on WGNA, or visit their new facebook page MeetatMacLarens, you will see some more in-depth details from time to time contributed by us! We are really excited to be able to partner with WGN and hope you will help us be apart of contributing there.

With that said here is what you can do, to help. First off make sure you follow us both on twitter (@bawesomeinstead & @meetatmaclarens) and fan our facebook pages ( BeAwesomeInstead (The How I Met Your Mother site) on Facebook & MeetatMaclaurens on Facebook).

Nest and MOST urgently, WGNA has asked us what questions we would love to ask show creators Thomas & Bays. So we desperately need you to Suit up your brain and pull out your most awesome questions for this! Head over to the Lingering Questions post and leave your questions there. We’ll be selecting the best 3 questions to ask in an upcoming interview with them!

Finally, watch How I Met your Mother episodes every night on WGNA! After you are done you can come back to the old episode discussions at beawesomeinstead at leave your thoughts!

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Vote! HIMYM for TV Guide Cover!

We all love contests. WE usually like them more when we win but it’s time to give something back!

So take about 10 seconds from your day and vote a few times to get HIMYM on the cover of tvinsider!

This be the pic you are looking for!

How I Met Your Mother


*side note.. I do love HIMYM but it was hard not to cast some Chuck votes!

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Slow Going

So I’ll be on a plane to Seattle when this show airs. That means that the recap will be a little late. Any fans feel like pinch hitting a review this week?

   Email me at aaron [at] beawesomeinsted [dot] com

Otherwise, I’ll get to it as soon as I can!

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Happy High Five Day – April 15

I’m so sorry that I almost* missed this. It’s National High Five Day! Actually it’s not always April 15th but third Thursday of April each year… Ironically enough, it’s on Tax day this year.

Maybe it’s not irony. Maybe it’s just what people need on a day like today.

Either way, Awesome HIMYM style Internet five!

(Thanks so much to twitter follower BrettASnyder for the heads up)

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Dr. Horrible on DVD Available December 19, 2008.


Now you too can own your very own tangible copy of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog on DVD! Amazon will be releasing it on December 19, 2008. If you haven’t seen it yet take some time and get the iTunes version or watch it on YouTube or the Dr. Horrible site. If you are a fan of Neil Patrick Harris or Joss Whedon then you will not be disappointed.