End of Season 5 News…

We all love news and some of us even love spoilers… The following links will be from least spoiler-ish to most spoiler-ish…in that order. You have been warned.

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Michelle Boyd to Guest Star

I like to monitor my twitter feed for any new HIMYM news and came across these tweets from “The Guild” actress Michell Boyd:

On set shooting HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER today! 🙂 #squee #happyactress    8:06 AM Mar 12th  

Aw yeah, baby. http://yfrog.com/jy5f2j Also, @alydenisof and @actuallynph are terrific. Not that you thought differently. ;)    10:44 PM Mar 12th

Wrapped!! AMAZING guest stars I got to act alongside today, but am scared of spoilerage. Can’t wait for it to air!  10:50 PM Mar 12th

What will her roll be? Doesn’t she look kinds like the kids, mother-ish (sorry, it’s an addiction to mess with people)? Which episode?

So many questions but not a lot of answers. And other than telling us that Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan were terrific (duh) she is cautions of “spoilerage”… interesting. discuss.

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The Office References HIMYM

I don’t usually watch the Office but they referenced How I Met Your Mother during their episode entitled St. Patricks Day. The Be Awesome Instead twitter account got blown up with it! If you missed what was said, then have no fear, Be Awesome Instead is here:

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Return Character in Season 5

If You  don’t like spoilers then don’t read this…thougth honestly it’s not a huge spoiler.

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Couple Reunion coming in Season 5

Spoiler-ISH Season 5 news… (more…)

Superbowl 44 Call Barney Stinson

     After seeing Jim Nantz tonight I thought I was watching more of last weeks “The Perfect Week”. Well for me the game was disappointing, but even worse than that was how bad the commercials were. I mean I can deal with football teams I don’t care about if the commercials are good, no such luck this year. What was very cool to see though was Barney Stinson in the stands holding a sign that read:

call-barney-stinson-super-bowlHEY LADIES


If you called it you heard this:

That, Lebron, is how you shoot a free throw. Hey, Barney Stinson speaking. A recording? No, this is really me! Anyway, glad you called ’cause you sound really special. Let’s get to know each other. What are your hobbies? Oh my God, I like that too! Wow, I’m really feeling a connection here. You know, I never do this but what the heck. Let’s meet up at MacLaren’s Bar at oh, say, 3:45 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 12, 2016. I can’t wait to meet you. I love you.

    I hear there will be a pay off in tomorrow night’s episode Rabbit or Duck. How do you think it will relate? I’m not sure but I’m sure it will be quite legendary. I do wish there really was a MacLaurens, I’m sure something will come from meeting there on October 12, 2016. Maybe that’s when Ted actually meets the mother, who knows? Tune in tomorrow night and then check back here for chatter, recap and discussion.

   BTW. Here is a promo shot from the CBS twitter account. You’ll notice the number is different, but I’m sure all will be explained soon!


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the Wedding Bride Movie – May 2010

     Anyone remember the last time we saw Stella? If I remember correctly it was in Season 4’s  As Fast As She Can. If you remember, in that episode there was mention of one of the very fine websites produced by the show for Tony’s movie called the wedding bride. Future Ted, did mention the phrase that HIMYM fans both love and hate to hear “more on that later.”

    Well, here is some more on that now.  Executive producer Craig Thomas told tvguide.com that we’ll get another big hint come May sweeps, when The Wedding Bride Tony’s movie about winning back Stella from Ted is released. Does that mean Sarah Chalke will be back? Craig was coy on the topic, but a source tells us you can slap-bet on it.

    So maybe we get more Sarah, maybe we get to see an actual movie? Either way we get good stuff. Do you think will see more from Stella & Tony?

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