Season 9 Premier Date

CBS has officially announced the premier date for the 9th and final season of How I Met Your Mother as September 23rd 2013. In additional news (and as many of you have surmised or heard by now), Cristin Milioti will be added as a series regular for the 9th and final season!

Mark your calendars but remember I can only commit to one Premier party so send your best offer early 😉

source: tvline

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Season 8 Starts Sept 24

Finally a Season 8 Premier date for How I Met Your Mother! tells us that first new episode of Season 8 will premiere on Monday September 24th at 8/7c.

I know it’s a long way off but it’s getting here as fast as it can…( reference intended) No official word yet on whether or not Season 8 will be the final season. I knwo that fans have varying views of whether or not the show should end. I, like many of you, am torn… while I’d love to see the mother soon, I love the show so much I hate to see it go.  As Bay’s says (interview from Alan “why is he always so lucky and awesome…seriously” Sepinwall) “We don’t ever want to keep the show on longer than it needs to,” he added, “just like we don’t want to end it before it needs to end.”

It’s also good to see Craig Thomas finale answer to TV guide:

How far into the season can you break before you absolutely need to know if it’s the last season?
This is the most obvious answer of all time, but it will be better to know earlier. [Laughs] Right now, there’s so much to pick up on the finale that we’re full for the first batch [of the season]. We’re OK for now, but the sooner we know the better because we like to plants lots of seeds and payoffs. When it’s the last season, we want to announce it from the rooftop and say, “Hey, there are 24 more episodes left. They’re awesome and you gotta watch it!” If it’s the last season, you’ll know it’s a big momentous season from the first episode. There is a definite plan of how we want to begin the last season, as kind of a “gasp!” moment within that episode. So yeah, we need to figure it out pretty soon.

I know the fans want to see the end game in many aspects, but we all love the show and the laugh, and I’m sure the show loves keeping it’s crew family together and working on a great show for as long as possible. Currently, HIMYM is only renewed through Season 8 so many are thinking this is the last, however the hold off to say for sure leads many fans (like myself) to believe we might get a Season 9.

I’m often wrong though and pretty open about that as well. 😉 What do you think or hope for?

David Henrie Talks HIMYM Ending

The insider did a great little interview with David Henrie, who you may know as Ted’s son. HE talks about a recent project called Secret world of Arrietta AND says a little about the HIMYM ending:

Insider: It’s funny because while you are growing up, How I Met Your Mother has kind of frozen you and Lyndsy Fonseca in time. Is it true that when you guys filmed that opening in 2005, you also filmed scenes for the series finale so it made chronological sense?
David: That is true. Yup! Everyone always drills my brain for that. It was just me, Lyndsy and the two showrunners. They rolled the cameras and literally evacuated set. Once everyone left and it was just us four, they told us what they thought would happen. We shot it and signed our lives away, so I won’t be disclosing anything, but we shot what could be the ending to the show.

Insider: Without risking your life, do you think fans will be happy with the ending?
David: 100 percent! It’s a great ending to the show. It’s solid and well-thought out from the very beginning. We’ll see if they end up going with it, but I think fans would really appreciate the ending.

Does this mean anything for us or at least help put your mind at ease? Either way, check out the full interview: David Henrie Talks to the insider


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How I Met Your Mother Season 6 DVD Info

I love DVD covers. Not sure why but I love seeing what a good graphic artist puts together to brand DVDs. Not that you all care about that…but what you may care about is that How I Met Your Mother Season 6 will be officially released on DVD on September 27, 2011! That’s right just a week and a day after The Season 7 Premier (and International Talk Like a Pirate Day, for those of you that care) you can get your very own copy of Season 6 on DVD.

3 disks, but no word on special features and such yet. Still no blu-ray this year (boo!). Now, I know a lot of fan’s had a love hate relationship with 6, but it’s time to put those feelings aside and pre-order your copy from Amazon.

Here is a pretty decent sized shot of the box, if you want a better look. No big clues on there, just a yellow umbrella dot above the “i" (nice placement) and Cobie Sumlders and Alyson Hannigan looking amazing with some guys walking about Winking smile


HIMYM renewed through Season 8

Many of you may have already seen this floating around on twitter but How I Met Your Mother has now been officially renewed for 2 more seasons. This will take us to at least Season 8.  I personally think it was a formality since all the cast members have signed on through Season 8 and Jason Segel is on the record saying he probably won’t stay after Season 8 (Three more season from the time of interview).

Good new, at least 2 more seasons of HIMYM. The bad news is that the two season renewal kind of signifies, in my mind anyways, that thing should be heading towards a Season 8 finish line.

What do you think?

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Season 6 Finale title is…

I’m not sure how much of a spoiler it is but according to tvline the title of the How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Finale is, wait for it….

…. still waiting?…. (more…)

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Katy Perry on HIMYM Promo

So I’ll keep quited on my initial thoughts becasue HIMYM writers/cast/crew have won me over with this promo video.

What are your thoughts on Katy Perry’s guest spot on HIMYM?

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Season 6 Premier Info

The episode is officially called “Big Days.”


The synopsis is as follows:


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Pre Season 6 Pics & Love


Neil Patrick Harris and Wayne Brady from a pre-season twitter picture.


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HIMYM Pre Season 6 Teasers and Spoilers

Given the nature of this post…and how some people feel about spoilers I’m going to leave some space here before we get started. I’d also like to mention I consider them to be more teasers than spoilers for the most part. So when/if you are ok with things then scroll down…otherwise see you Monday September 20th for the Season 6 premier of How I Met Your Mother.


Just a side note…I’ll be updating this all season long!


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HIMYM Season 5 DVD Release Date

It’s not much help during the summer break but I did notice today that Amazon and other places have added a release date of September 21, 2010 Season 5 of How I Met Your Mother on DVD. Blu-ray has no dates attached to it yet (odd right?) but I would suspect the same times.  As for cover art?

How I Met Your mother Season 5 DVD Art

Pre-order now at Amazon to get a descent price on it & as soon as the blu-ray is available for pre-order I’ll let you know. Wish I had more news but that’s all for now! You likes?

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Is Jason Segel predicting the end of HIMYM?

jason segel from GQ interview

If you haven’t read it already, Jason Segel did a great interview in GQ recently and had some fun thoughts on How I Met Your Mother. I highly encourage you to read the entire GQ interview with Segel. He had some very funny thoughts on HIMYM:

That’s one of the things I’ve always liked about How I Met Your Mother—it uses those details, about where the characters work and what they do, to inform character and drive stories.
One of the things I like about it, as trivial as it sounds, is that they hang out in a bar. Yes. Yes. (more…)

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