Plan to Suit Up

So International Suit Up Day is tomorrow! Plan to suit up in Celebration? Great!

If you do, we want to know about it. Feel free to post a link in the comments, on our Facebook fan page or tweet us on twitter with your Suit Up day picture! I’ll work on getting them all the site!

Looking for some other ways to celebrate?
✪ Wear a suit to university
✪ Wear a suit to work
✪ Wear a suit in hospital
✪ Wear a suit to school (daring)
✪ Buy a suit
✪Buy a Suit up motivational Poster for your Office!
✪ If you see someone without a suit, tell them to go home and suit up, or convince them to watch How I Met Your Mother.
✪ Drink in a suit – if you can find a bar called MacLarens, drink there.
✪ Party in a suit.

✪✪✪ Play LaserTag in a suit…. What up!

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International Suit Up Day – October 13, 2010

Thanks for visiting! While you are getting prepared to Suit Up take some time and browse the site! We talk HIMYM every week and would love to have you be apart of the community! Now SUIT UP!

also…there is a more recent notice of suit up day:

I feel that new holidays inspired by How I Met Your Mother were inevitable. I mean I think everyone should celebrate Slapsgiving, but that’s pretty closely tied with the previously known holiday, Thanksgiving. I tell you this because many of you may have forgotten. And while it’s not nearly as possible and traceable as Festivus, I still love the premise of the holiday. So without any further ramblings, I give you “International Suit Up Day.”

International Suit Up Day (ISUD) is celebrated on October 13th of each year.  On this day, suit up in honor of How I Met Your Mother, and Barney Stinson, and because suits are awesome…

For more information and to confirm your participation, visit the ISUD facebook event page. I’ll remind you again when it get’s close but I would love to see some pics of how you chose to suit in an upward direction!

Got pics of you suiting up on October 13th? Post them on this post:

Need a Suit Up Poster? Check the Store


Marshall’s Auburn Shirt in Last Cigarette

Did anyone else notice Marshall’s awesome vintage Auburn Tigers shirt in Last Cigarette Ever? I’d love to find someone in the HIMYM wardrobe department. I love Auburn…and that shirt. Take a look below:

First of all, War Eagle. Secondly… Any ideas where I might find said shirt? I love looking for HIMYM music, but I need a shirt source.

Who’s Not Your Daddy

Who loves t-shirts? They happen to be a favorite hobby of mine.

Another thing I love are t-shirts I see on TV. Call it an affliction or some sort of weird people I will never meet form of peer pressure…hell, call it weak sales pitch resistance. One of my favorite shirts (that I can’t find an exact replica of) come from Scrubs. It’s the “I’m what Willis was talkin’ about” that J.D. (Zach Braff)… I did find one at T-Shirt Hell (*warning: site might have objectionable content), and while it is awesome it is not quite the same.

Either way, in tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother titled, Not a Father’s Day, Lily and Marshall are considering having a baby, but Lily wants advice from Ted and Robin, first. However, she soon finds they have very different views. I haven’t seen the episode yet but I have seen the preview and it show Barney with some pretty clever “Who’s NOT your daddy” tshirts! While not the same (but pretty stinking close) you can get your own Who’s NOT your daddy shirt on Cafe Press there are several variations so check out the choices. Just another way of helping you Be Awesome Instead (of whatever you’re doing currently… sorry I always hate ending a sentence with just “Instead” so I thought I would mention the implied part)


Winners – BAI’s Most Awesome Halloween Costume of 2008

There is no such thing as "First Annual" in my opinion. The second time you have event it can become annual but not until then…I say that to introduce (drum roll please?)…………..

The 2008 Be Awesome Instead Most Awesome Halloween Costume (with intentions of becoming annual).

Seriously…outstanding commitment!


army man, originally uploaded by mrhomer12.

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10 Most Awesome Mario T-shirts on the Internet

Who doesn’t love Mario? (It’s rhetorical so if you don’t keep your mouth shut). And Mario, Mushrooms the Princess…there are thousands of creative ways to show "Brotherly” love. Combine that with my love of t-shirts and your get the official "Ten Most Awesome Mario T-Shirts on the Internet"

1. I Don’t Wanna Grow Up – An neither do I. This shirt symbolizes everything that is good about Mario and bad about life.