Preview Episode 9: Platonish

Jenn here to let you all know that this week’s episode is guaranteed to be PHENOMENAL. How can I guarantee this you ask? My college friend George Sloan is the lead writer for this week’s episode.

George was the lead writer for Weekend at Barney’s last season and Season 7’s No Pressure, which is a personal favorite of mine.

According to an e-mail George sent to me and other friends: “The episode features a Harlem Globetrotters game, a bunch of crazy dolphin noises, and a fresh-off-his-Breaking-Bad-finale Bryan Cranston.”

George is a huge Breaking Bad fan so working with Bryan Cranston must have been awesome for him.

George is also my hero because I got to visit the HIMYM set twice. Once in ’09 and then in ’12 (while they were filming). Aaron (who own this site and his lovely wife came out to Cali for the chance to come on the set visit when I was in town and planning to visit). You can read Aaron’s recap of the set visit here.

Sadly I will be a concert on Monday night, but I will try and recap when I get home, if not Tuesday.

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Interesting Season 8 Promo Photos

Courtesy of CBS  (source) have a look at 2 very interesting Season 8 fall preview photos from HIMYM

Anyone want to venture guesses?



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The Best Man Promo Photos

CBS has released some great promo photos for the How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Opener, titles “The Best Man”. If you are anything like me then you will love these and can hardly wait for September 19th!

So, what do you think of these photos? What do you think they will tell us about Season 7? Discuss!HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER


The Exploding Meatball Sub Promo

So after another few weeks of How I Met Your Mother hiatus, thanks to some athletic event on tv, we’re back. Looks like we get to see more of the Ted & Zoey story even though we all know where it’s gonna end. Watch the promo, what do you expect from The Exploding Meatball Sub?

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Desperation Day Promo

Excited about Desperation Day? Here is a preview!

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Katy Perry on HIMYM Promo

So I’ll keep quited on my initial thoughts becasue HIMYM writers/cast/crew have won me over with this promo video.

What are your thoughts on Katy Perry’s guest spot on HIMYM?

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Sneak Peak of Bad News (s06e13)

Nice. I’m quite interested… Will it be the fifth doppelganger or Barney in disguise?

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Robin Sparkles Return

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Amazing Race-y Actors Interview

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Season 6 Premier Info

The episode is officially called “Big Days.”


The synopsis is as follows:


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The Wedding Bride Trailer

Thank God this isn’t based on a true story…because Chris Kattan’s character Jed Mosly is such a DOUCHEBAG!

I’m loving this.

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Zoo or False Preview


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