Mom and Dad – Season 9, Episode 10

Jenn back in the driver’s seat tonight.  Glad to see so many of you enjoyed my friend George’s episode last week!

A great replacement minister for Barney and Robin’s wedding is James’s dad Sam aka Reverend Gibbs. Barney Dad, Jerry and his wife also arrive at the Farhampton Inn. Barney thinks his mom and dad are getting back together again. Very “All I  Want for Christmas” from the 1990s (great flick). However James thinks Loretta’s going to get back together with his dad. A little brotherly competition is on. Barney schemes to get Jerry and Loretta together. Barney and James each have Pleasantville fantasies in a bro-down throwdown! We find out that Sam and Lor-et-ta have become an item. Robin is able to comfort Barney and make him feel better. Barney shows his support by encouraging Loretta and Sam to consume their love in an elevator with James in it too.

Meanwhile we are back in the Yellow gas guzzler with Marshall, Daphne, and Marvin (my goodness he’s aged quickly). Glad to see that Daphne finally came around to “I’m gonna be (500 miles),” I mean there was always 83% chance that she was going to. Somehow over the course of this cross-country drive Marshall and Daphne because the new old married couple. Thankfully we reach Daphne’s stop and bid adieu to her.

Finally we find ourselves with Detective Ted and the case of the midnight blue calligraphy ink stained Gretzky autograph headshot in a Clue-esque whodunit. The top suspects are Billy Zabka, the shifty-eyed Bellhop, and Robin’s Cousin, Claude. Ted ropes Lily into his conspiracy theories. It turns out to be Zabka who is jealous that Ted got reinstated as Best Man, in a case of ZABKA-TAGE, brilliant. Just brilliant how this whole reveal takes places and the back story of it.

Legendary Lines

  • Marshall:  Again?  //  Daphne: Proclaim it
  • Ted: My calligraphy ink! I mean the Gretzky photo!
  • Lily: You can’t even detect sarcasm.
  • Jerry: No, Barney lowered in a tv showing some pretty graphic 1970s pornography.
  • Loretta: Still a lot of familiar faces in there, oh, well not just faces.
  • Zabka: Right here getting a massage, I rocked a 60 minute deep tish
  • James: I win
  • Barney: Get your damn hands off my mom  //  James: Get your damn hands on my mom   //  Sam: One on, one off?
  • Barney: is that what you two you call it? Performing the ceremony?
  • Zabka: 25 years of getting crane kicked in the nuts
  • Barney: Billy rules, Ted drools, Stinson out.

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Ranjit driving Jerry’s wife to meet him to go “parasailing”
  • Marshall over thinking the context of I’m gonna be
  • Barney sending down a giant roll of condoms when Jerry mentions being stuck in the elevator with Loretta is very unsafe
  • Bangity Bang slow jam
  • Snobby Ted and his calligraphy pretentiousness
  • Love any excuse to hear NPH sing
  • Jerry in a leather jacket, trying to look like a badass.
  • The suicide note Barney wrote on behalf of Jerry’s wife
  • Lily’s 2nd tackle of the weekend
  • Bye Daphne,  C-YA
  • Zapka’s flashback wigs (and outfits)


The Pineapple Incident


Ranjit still out in the middle of nowhere when suddenly Jerry appears and screaming ensues.

Bonus: Nice teaser for next week’s episode all in rhyme. Can the HIMYM writers pull it off? Should we ask the GKWOKs?

Lingering Questions

  • No Mosby Boys reference? AKA Ted and his sister (See: Dowisetrepla)
  • How much Nutella would it take to cover a 60 year old woman? On second through don’t answer that.
  • Where can I get a Zapka headshot?
  • Anyone else notice how red and splotchy Lily’s arms looked? Part of the storyline or not?




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Preview Episode 9: Platonish

Jenn here to let you all know that this week’s episode is guaranteed to be PHENOMENAL. How can I guarantee this you ask? My college friend George Sloan is the lead writer for this week’s episode.

George was the lead writer for Weekend at Barney’s last season and Season 7’s No Pressure, which is a personal favorite of mine.

According to an e-mail George sent to me and other friends: “The episode features a Harlem Globetrotters game, a bunch of crazy dolphin noises, and a fresh-off-his-Breaking-Bad-finale Bryan Cranston.”

George is a huge Breaking Bad fan so working with Bryan Cranston must have been awesome for him.

George is also my hero because I got to visit the HIMYM set twice. Once in ’09 and then in ’12 (while they were filming). Aaron (who own this site and his lovely wife came out to Cali for the chance to come on the set visit when I was in town and planning to visit). You can read Aaron’s recap of the set visit here.

Sadly I will be a concert on Monday night, but I will try and recap when I get home, if not Tuesday.

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No Questions Asked – Season 9, Episode 07

Farhampton Inn ghost Captain Daneby Dearduff, Dearduff the Hooker is haunting Lily’s room that Marshall booked.
Marshall sends everyone from the gang to delete a text on Lily’s phone. Ted climbs a drain pipe, Barney climbs in through the air ducts, and Robin comes in on the room service cart. Ted saves the day using No Questions Asked.
Barney and Robin learn how to work as a team as opposed to as lone wolves.
Marshall finally tells Lily that he accepted the judgeship

Legendary Lines

Ted: Hey, I as a man in need
Marshall: I know you were a priority mail

Barney: Alright I’ll take a lap dance, can I borrow a pair of sweatpants

Lily: I’m not paying for room service the hooker ordered
Barney: I’ve been there

Marshall: I never asked you who those weirdoes were, why they kept calling you Night Falcon, or what was in those darts that they were blowing at us
Robin: You vision came back didn’t it, wuss

Barney and Robin: Lure prey into a tight corner and snap it’s limbs with our powerful jaws and watch the life drain from it’s eyes….awww

Hamish the night clerk: So you’re saying you didn’t order room service and you didn’t order Prison Sluts 9
Lily: I didn’t order room service


Moments of Awesomeness

-Another Farhampton Inn worker: Hamish the night clerk

-Guns and doves

-Ted’s singing a version of Marvin’s night night song to Lily

-Barney whispering as the Hooker

-Barney deucing his pants

-Barney swallowed all the Lucky Charms objects on a dare

-Barney thinking that Bruce Willis is the bad guy in Die Hard

-Courtney Dove and Kurt Coobain

-The montage showing that Marshall loves Lily too much to ask for something “No questions asked”



The real story of Ted getting locked in the mail box. Writing a creepy stalker letter to a random girl…sounds about right.


Lingering Questions

  • Is anyone else LOVING the décor in the rooms of the Farhampton Inn?
  • Night Falcon?
  • More purple: PURPLE Unitard!
  • Who do you owe a No Questions Asked favor?

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Knight Vision – Season 9 Episode 06

Sorry but we’ve all been at our days jobs doing boring things. Haven’t even got to watch the epidoe yet but don’t worry about spoiling on our account, What did you think about Knight Vision

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The Poker Game – Season 9 Episode 5

Noticed a certain someone in the flashback. [Spoilers] - Imgur

Ok in the spirit of the fact I live tweeted during tonight’s episode. I’m going to share with you the tweets and then fill in some thoughts about them or direct you to other parts of the recap after the //

@bawesomeinstead Feed

Dear citizens, Jenn here – I’m live tweeting the show tonight. #SpoilerAlert // Pretty obvious, however this is my FIRST time twittering from the official BAI handle it was pretty exciting

Tonight’s episode is called “The Poker Game” // as I typed that I though of some immature Poke Her comment in the vein of Ted, Marshall or Barney, in fact @osumarko had that same though that he shared with me via twitter

Marshall could describe food to blind people without taste buds and still make them hungry // It made me think of Marshall and his quest for the Best Burger in New York. It also made @RyanSchwartz think the same thing since he tweeted that specific point

love the Marshall buzzed hair down the middle callback // The first thing I noticed was that it looked like Jason Segal was balding, but as I looked closer it DAWNED on me that it was his grown out reverse Mohawk from his wedding – post “cool guy tips”  – check it // Basic little site with some funny quotes and it names Barney as the CEbrO

Mama Stinson <3 // Even though Loretta was a druggie groupie ho back in the day, I can’t help but love her

I’m really bummed we didn’t get to see Marshall as Juno. I hope Ted was wearing his hanging chad costume under that trenchcoat on the roof. // Loved the callback to Halloweens of yesteryear, even if it was a Hallween party we never saw.

No hangin chad! OMG SLUTTY PUMPKIN SIGHTING!! // Did you see Katie Holmes. It was SO quick, but good God it was glorious what a tasty little nugget!

dropping heat…. number 2 teehee // I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old sometimes, but then again so do the writers

So many hidden and no so hidden gems this episode – blink and you may miss them // Again still reeling from the Slutty Pumpkin, PLUS it makes me wonder what else we may have missed already

how is it 8:17 already?! // This episode was flying by with great moments, however no real storyline progress

Can Lily, Ranjit and William Zapka be the new A- Team? // Great reveals, they just kept getting better and better. I want them to solve crime so bad!

Claudia looks gooooood // She has aged well, wonder why – aside from being a major bitch – Stuart either left her or is cheating on her. Maybe it was her sending topless pics to his brother.

Barney practically naked manned it // He horrifies Robin and then ends up naked under the blankets, classic

Ted really is a good best friend…well to Marshall, not really Barney since he’s still obsessing over Robin // Innnnnterestingly enough this tweet got the most variety responses via tweet and in some cases text. My friend Star said: “Ted is always a terrible friend to Barney especially with the Robin Stuff. I thought I was the only one who thought that about Ted.” @AnthonyDP11 said “In defense of Ted, Barney is a horrible human being lucky to have anybody in his life at all”

so while I have everyone’s attention –  WHAT IS WITH ALL THE PURPLE?! Barney’s suit, Lily’s outfit, the fact that Ted regularly wear it… // Seriously why are there not more theories on this? Shout out to my friend Landry who I’ve now gotten on the purple conspiracy bandwagon

Robin v Loretta // Not that I’ve have a MIL (mother in law) yet, but I know when the time comes to not screw with her because she can make your life hell

Oh a new “How they met story” although it’s a lie. But Robin Daggers much? // I’ve really enjoyed how this season we’ve been getting teaser’s for the next week’s episode


Legendary Lines

Ted: Maybe saying things like this is why I’m not married

Lily: Why didn’t you get the message to dress up like a pregnant teenager home skillet

Marshall: Requesting permission to make a stink

Daphne: (rolls down window) Hurry up and get it over with

James: Nothing attracts a gay guy faster than a wedding ring, except saying hi to him, or being in the same room, or every app on my phone. People it is a good time to be gay.

Loretta: That’s your brother out there. You two shared bunk beds and baseball mitts and when you were hungry these supple breasts…arguably a little too long

Ted: I drank so much coffee that year hoping you’d take the hint my resting pulse was like the drum solo from Wipe Out

Barney: But Robin lets me do sex to her


  • Gazzolas Pizza
  • Marshall’s hair travesty post wedding (always love the HIMYM attention to details)
  • Rooftop Halloween parties
  • Slutty Pumpkin!!
  • Friends Stuart and Claudia

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Ranjit the poker stud
  • Barney in the bathroom cheating with all the excessive cards up his sleeves
  • Ted and his origami fun facts
  • Lily giving Barney payback after this honeymoon for calling her fat around the hips
  • Also Barney’s post Belize tan and cornrows
  • Lily and Ted’s uuuuuuuhhhh – off
  • The Stinson Bluff
  • Barney going overboard telling off James and his Mom  (going overboard wasn’t awesome per say, but NPH redelivering it was)
  • Ted ordering Marshall Gazzolas pizza, complete with in transit delivery

New Jersey

  • James trying to convince Barney not to get married
  • Why was Ted not the hanging chad?!?!

The Re-Return

Robin and Loretta face off. Game, set, WAR!

Lingering Questions

Is one of Ted’s other wedding presents for Robin (and Barney) the Locket?

What is the cuse business between Ted and Marshall when arguing over giving/getting a wedding present?

Did anyone notice that little toy car that kid was playing with is STILL on the stairs at the top of the landing? Who is going to slip on it?

Was this filler episode satisfying because of all the callbacks or are you sick the storyline stalling?

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The Broken Code – Season 9 Episode 4

The Broken Code


It’s good to be back in the saddle so to speak…though, there is no horse…to hell with it, I don’t feel like thinking of another metaphor there so I digress. Huge thanks to Jenn for filling in when I’m unreliable. So let’s get to some talking shall we?

How are we feeling about the new-ish format? Meaning the whole xx-hours before the wedding? I feel like it keeps the last season a bit more contained, which is both good a bad. Tonight I was expecting a little more from it and maybe that is just me expecting predictable. Predictable would have been to make the mother Robin’s new friend, which I still think will happen before the end. And I think most fans (including…nay…especially me, want to see more of her already). The format tonight almost felt stifling and like filler. I mean sure we needed to get the tension between Ted & Barney out there but what else just had to happen? Maybe someting will come back up, you know how details work and all right?

Let’s talk about Barney & Ted for a moment. Two things were obvious tonight: 1. The conversation and preceding charades between Barney & Ted needed to happen. & 2. They are REALLY trying to sell more copies of the Bro Code.  The whole thing was funny, but do you think that is the last of it or is there more to come? Loved the players at Barney’s bachelor poker game, always nice to see old friends show back up, but where was James and who else would you like to have seen there? And one can only hope that Ralph Macchio will eventually show up and save Ted from Billy Zabka.

So what did you think of the Broken Code?

Legendary Lines

Lilly: It hurts a little but I’m not going to cry about it.

Barney: Holding hands is like the 4th Grade equivalent of banging…or in your case the 12th grade equivalent.

Lily: Be yourself, say something nice.
Robin: Which one? I can’t do both!

Billy Zabka: I’m comin’ for you Mosby


Moments of Awesomeness

  • Marsh-pillow. Ah the age of technology is great eh.
  • Love Robins Bachelorette party…and Patrice
  • Delayed Marshall is amazing.
  • Ranjit, Billy Zapka & Tim Gunn
  • Bro Code in your next hotel? and Airlines…and Germany
  • Robin’s fantasy and cereal and beer.


Weekend and Barney’s but with Robot Marshall


Lingering Questions

  • When will we see the mother again?
  • When will we get some more flash forwards? I liked the last “glimpse” we saw…hoping to get a few more before the end.
  • Will Ted still manage to interfere at the Wedding? How does he eventually hurt his hand? Is it Barney, Billy Zabka or someone else?

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Last Time in New York – Season 9 Episode 3

We find ourselves 52 hours before the wedding and the elderly tennis balled walker relatives descend upon the Farhampton Inn. Barney and Robin want to get in one last bang, bang, bangity bang, bang, bang, bangity bang before their wedding, but succumb to the lack of an exciting private spit to do the deed.

Lily gets her hands on Ted’s New York goodbye bucketlist. In the process we learn that a number of sword fights happen on April 26th, well two sword fights.

Oh yeah and Marshall is still traveling cross country with Daphne – today they are in Wisconsin.

Legendary Lines

Lily: Thank you Linus. (Still not old yet)

Ted: Here’s my point and your point.

Ted: She’s breathtaking!

James: I’m gay, I’m black, and I’m getting a divorce. Those wallking skeletons are going to have more questions for me than their pharmacists.

Barney: Plus his testicles were swinging like a broken yo-yo.

Moments of Awesomeness

  • All the Princess Bride references (including Lily butchering the line)
  • Ted fixing the graffitti (you’re)
  • Mandy Patinkin
  • Robin drinking the bourbon out of the broken bottle
  • Lily’s great life lecture to Ted about saying goobye to heartache


  • The swords!!!
  • Aldrin Justice in the form of Ted in the old tyme bathing suit and Marshall in Packers gear.
  • Lily stealing the Glen McKenna.

Lingering Questions

How frequently do you think we will see the Mother this season?

Seriously more purple on Ted, what does it mean? I want to challenge someone to track the amount of times he wears purple over the course of the series. In fact Lily and Barney have purple on too. hmmmmmmm

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Coming Back – Season 9 Episode 2


Just like that we are 2 episodes into the last season! The gang minus Marshall is at the Farhampton Inn. Minus is still stuck at the airport with Sherri Sheppard’s character, Daphne, much funnier this episode and Marshall still not funny. We learn that Barney’s brother James and his husband are getting a divorce, but are afraid to tell Barney since they’re the only couple that makes Barney believe in marriage. Lily drunkenly lets it slip that James and Tom are getting a divorce, but Barney handles it well and needs to clear out the anniversary surprise he set up in their room, including a life size erotic cake.

Ted and James have a quick talk about not living up on love, after James leaves the shot pans out and we see the Mother sitting next to Ted. We are treated to a flash forward one year in the future and see Ted and Mother in love. It was perfection.

Legendary Lines

Lily: …Anytime you see me without a drink in my hand, you put a drink in my hand. Are you my guy Linus?
Linus: Sooo you want the Kennedy package?

Barney: Lose the whole Midwestern shuckeysdoodle thing.

Lily: Thank you Linus.

Barney: Robin, no I’m not going to a strip club, especially right now could you imagine the day shift at the Crab Shed?

Barney: I don’t need them to believe in true love anymore, I’ve got you for that now.

Robin: Would it be alright if I nibbled on your brother’s ding dong?
Barney: How about we nibble on my brother’s ding dong together.

Mother: I was in the car all morning; I just ate a croissant crumb that I found in my bra. I’m disgusting.
Ted: Yeah I saw you do that and it was super hot.

Ted: Here you are, love in your eyes, baked goods in your undergarments.
Mother: Yeah you picked a real winner Mosby.
Ted: I did.

Moments of Awesomeness

• The staff of the Far Hampton in, Curtis the Front Desk Clerk and Linus the Bartender
• Herm dolling out rental cars at the speed of light
• The Stinson Curse, Moscow 1807, flashback – however the guitar solos were a little New Jersey for my liking
• The Sandbox and the Crab Shed – close and dirty strip clubs
• Ted and Mother’s sweet kiss
• Mother calling out Ted about being all “showboaty” about doing his crossword puzzle


Ted finally gets his room key and checks into his room only to find that Barney put all of the love goodies from James’ room in Ted’s room.

Lingering Questions

How long until Ted’s meltdown?

Am I the only one who hates Robin’s lady tux outfit she is wearing?

I wonder what other zany Inn staffers we’ll meet this season. So far they are 2/2.

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Confirmed Season 9 Concept

Something NewThere was a brief moment Monday night whenHow I Met Your Mother was maybe solving all of its problems by introducing us to the mother. She’s played by Cristin Milioti! We actually saw her! Maybe now the show can go back to its more-pleasant roots and tell us a delightful love story! Alas, it is not to be. CBS president Nina Tassler cleared up some of the speculation about what would happen in the show’s ninth and final season. She tells TVLine that the whole season will indeed span just the 56 hours before Barney and Robin’s wedding, as some had feared, and will be about “how each character, before Ted, meets the mother. So, they each meet her independently before he does.” So if you were tired of seeing Ted Mosby be such a weenie, tough tacos for you.


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