How I Met This Site…Again

So as you may have noticed there have been some much needed changed here at… Sorry if change freaks you out. But never fear, it’s all with you in mind. To prove it to you I plan to give away some cool HIMYM stuff I’ve been working on very soon.

Keep in mind that this is a work in progress however if you come across something goofy then shoot me the info or leave a comment here. True Story.

…and I’ll post about my trip to the HIMYM set VERY soon.

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New Years Resolutions are worthless

*SPOILER* – There is a link exchange gift at the end of this page!

New Years Resolutions are worthless. I say that…I pretty much believe it too. Personally, I haven’t made a New Year’s Resolution since 1993, when in a stroke of genius, I made a resolution to never make another New Years Resolution….I find it quite ironic overall but whatever. So here I sit…”resolution free since ’93” to borrow a phrase from Ted on How I Met Your Mother. Seems I have found some guys on YouTube that agree with me, well for the most part:

I guess I have just felt making them was worthless. If you see something in your life that needs changing, don’t wait until the new year to do it… Unless of course, your wanting to quit procrastinating so much… then by all means wait. If you have to make a resolution then resolve to be awesome instead…otherwise just forget it because your probably wasting your time….however, do not despair. As my New Years gift to you, I am willing to offer you a free backlink for a mention in one of your blog posts.

Criteria for getting a free backlink:

* The post should link to the home page using the anchor text “Be Awesome Instead“.
* Some mention of our your New Years Resolution plans (or not plans)
* It must have a link to this post somewhere in the blog.

That’s it. I will be checking the pingbacks and monitor the comments section and every few weeks and then make 1 big blog posting linking back to all the sites that participated in this offer. Why not take 10 minutes to write a short post on your blog and receive a valuable backlink in exchange? Once you are done, and if no pingback appears in the comments, post a link to your review in a comment on the bottom of this page. If you don’t see a link within about a week feel free to contact me using my contact page with a link to your article. Thanks and Be Awesome this year!

2007 Be Awesome Instead Year In Review

Well with 2007 trying to get out of here so it can have a long awaited eternal nap and 2008 upon us, I felt like reflecting a bit on this last year. 2007 has been a pretty decent year for (henceforth called BAI). Since my first blog post on 9.22.2007 (Chuck Norris vs. SEO), BAI has had over 7500 hits! For those who have visited, Thanks. I’ve been meaning to mention it (and plan too in a future post) but my BAI uses a slightly modified version of the Link Love Plugin by Andrew Timberlake. I have constantly debated on a no follow vs. a do follow blog so as a test/compromise I decided to use this plugin. Any visitor who leaves more than 4 valid (not spam comments) will get some link love from BAI. It’s my way of saying thanks without totally committing to dofollow and the extra comment management that that entails. On that note, I wanted to mention that I try to reply to all comments and this blog will always try to do that a reward our readers. Moving on…

When I first started the site, I had plans to make How I Met Your Mother and Barney (in particular) the source of the blog. I wanted to post some other things too but mainly stick to that. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), the whole writers strike got me thinking about expanding my focus not just the awesomeness mentioned by Barney, but Awesomeness in general. We’ll see how that works in the coming year. I will still be talking about HIMYM, especially with the departure of Scrubs it will be the only awesome show on television….but I digress. I also got to guest post on

haven’t done too well for me. I think all total this year I made about $2.50 from Google (Yes, the decimal there was intentional).Get you a poster! I’ll be trying to find a way to increase that in the coming year and try to document and discuss anything pertinent and helpful.

Those who have been supporting the site seem to enjoy the mock up of Barney’s Awesomeness Poster that I did. In addition to the poster in the store there is also an Awesomeness mouse pad with the same look. Also quite popular. Feel free to check that out and add a little bit of Awesomeness to your rooms.


In case you missed them, here are the top 10 blog post from BAI for 2007.

  1. the Awesomeness poster – all you’ll ever want to know.
  2. Favorite Princess Bride character?
  3. Crazy vs. Hot
  4. 15 Great Tech Excuses
  5. the Music that makes the show
  6. Scrubs – My Growing Pains
  7. Inigo Montoya Tshirt
  8. Tootsie Rolls Make You Smarter
  9. Drum lessons online fit my schedule just fine
  10. Dell Star Power Commercial – Your Not Famous

This year I have plans to start two new blogs. I don’t want to divulge too much now but I have my reasons and will be sharing more in the future as well as keep sharing Awesome content here. If you were to see my drafts page you would cry…or laugh..or both. Either way, thanks for joining us here at BAI and keep joining us in the future. If you want to keep up try subscribing to my RSS feed: Be Awesome Instead Feed

Comments are always welcome. Cheers and Happy New Year!

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