The Over-Correction – Season 8 Episode 10 Discussion


     It’s pretty difficult to look back and choose, but this is at very least my favorite episode in a while, if not for the season. I say that not because the story advanced…it didn’t. Not because of Mickey & Judy… dear God no, make it stop. Not because of Barney and Patrice, though that is the most thoughtful, romantic and heartfelt thing Barney may have ever said since Day 1 of the show. I say it because it was hilarious. I like you, would love to know who the mother is, but I gave up on that popping up randomly long ago. I watch How I Met Your Mother to laugh.

     By now you need to understand the show has become about Robin and Barney. Ted and his long story about the mother are nothing more than background at this time. Individually for the most part with Ted, Marshall, Lily and whoever else may show up providing comic relief for the most part. I knew that already when I started watching tonight. Honestly, I felt like tonight’s episode would suck, but by the first few scenes I had changed my mind. What did I love so much about the over-correction? The story, the call back, the quick witted one-liners, the running jokes about borrowing Ted’s stuff… basically the details.

    Let’s talk Barney & Patrice for a second. First off, I really like Ellen Williams, I think she is a great actress and even though she only gets small pieces in HIMYM she does well. I know what we saw in the flash forward and I know that Carter & Craig have said that Robin & Barney’s wedding does take place. So what will happen here? It’s just cruel to use Patrice as a play…and Barney may be a lot of things but I don’t think he is that cruel at all. If Patrice is in on it that’s another story all together, and honestly a possibility, I mean she does want to be Robin’s BFF and swinging this play to make her see the light could be a part of that. Is the relationship in fact an over correction? It’s laid out pretty well as one but Barney’s last statement begs to question was the over correction Barney or Robin. So what part does the Patrice and Barney relationship play, and how will it all end?

    Robin. Poor Robin. You can’t help but just feel awful for her by the end of the episode. On an slightly related/unrelated note, Cobie has looked amazing this year. True Story. Does the intervention hit home and then she plays it straight until things unravel naturally or will it only go to exacerbate the situation? Marshall and Lily were both great tonight. No complaints, only compliments and laughs! Not sure where to stand on the Mickey and Judy “arrangement”… I did laugh at the re-return though.

So what did you think? Love to hear what you think in the comments!

Legendary Lines

Inmate: No you hang up first
Ted: No you hang up first

Marshall: Flounder, I barely know her

Judy Eriksen: You dress like a street walker, but my son seems to like it.

Robin: What if I told you I was looking at your red cowboy boots right now?
Ted: Describe them…
Robin: They are red and they’re cowboy boots
Ted: That’s Them!

Barney: Legen-wait for it…Merry.

Ted: What spilled in here?
Lily: Breast milk.
[Ted hands it back to Lilly.]

Barney: Sometimes you fall for someone you’d never expect, doesn’t make it wrong. Doesn’t everybody deserve to be happy

Robin (concerning the intervention): Please tell me it’s about my drinking?


Moments of Awesomenesstie_tree_The_Over-Correction_himym

  • Weekend at Bernie’s is always awesome. No wonder Robin hasn’t returned it.
  • multiple callbacks on the red cowboy boots
  • the Minnesota Twins… names for boos are always great
  • Bacon gummy bear pancakes… yes please
  • Barney’s Christmas Tree… decorated with ties!
  • "A trout with a daughter has one job, one job, to keep her off the fishing pole." – Marshall, channeling Chris Rock for fish routine…so not funny it’s hilarious.
  • Use your head, vote for Ted t-shirt that Mickey borrowed. In fact I loved all the stuff that were  borrowed: T-shirt, drill, cowboy boots, pocket knife, Rudolph, the mini cooler, label maker, garbage can..
  • "the Wolf" … great nickname for Lily
  • the get psyched mix reference… and more importantly Bon Jovi, maybe he really was in the lobby.
  • another great call back… Barney’s love for Ted’s mom and their "implied" relationship
  • The Bro Code, David Lee Roth’s Crazy From the Heat, the Playbook… seriously, how many hidden compartments with angel music and leather bound books does Barney have?


New Jersey

  • "Borrow-nees"… must agree with Marshall… always bad.
  • I don’t care how romantic it is, you don’t burn the Playbook…it’s probably a rule in the bro code


The Re-Return

Mickey & Judy, get an apology from Marshall and Lily…

Mickey:  who said anything about dating
Judy: This is just about sex…
Mickey: We’re family, with benefits



Lingering Questions

  • Is Barney really happy with Patrice? Truth, over-correction or Play?
  • How do you feel about Robin right now? About Patrice?
  • What would you borrow from Ted Mosby?

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Lobster Crawl – Season 8 Episode 9 Discussion


     I really wanted to work hard tonight to make my return after having Jenn guest post for the past 3 weeks be amazing. And up until the last few minutes of the show I was ready to do just that. Then the last few minutes of “Lobster Crawl” happened and I can’t really put my finger on what precisely it was…but I lost it. Other than the re-return moment, that may have been the most confusing and disappointing ending I’ve witnessed in HIMYM.

I do want to be clear… overall I liked the episode and there were some really funny moments. Brobibs, Barney’s tie Cornelius with one of the funniest lines ever and Laura Croft Robin. I mean seriously some top notch stuff. But the ending bother me. Maybe it’s because I felt like the we might be getting somewhere…and what we get is at best more character development for Barney…and Robin…Maybe one of you can describe it better.

I digress. I feel like it’s best I just leave you all with moments and lines tonight. If I feel differently after watching again I’ll add some more here… I’d love to know if I’m way off here or whether you all felt the same.  Sound off in the comments and thanks for visiting!

Legendary Lines

Lily: Well…it’s come to this. We’re drinking with our baby in a bar

Marshall: Now that we have been parents for a while we realize that pretty much any moron can take care of a baby.

Barney (quoting his tie): Just this morning he told me “I’m getting too old for this shirt”

Lily: If you ever wanna see these boobs again, crawl you son of me!

Ted: Someone’s going to be a Browns Fan!

Lily: There is he, straddle me, start grinding…nothing is off limits.

Moments of Awesomeness

  • The death of Cornelius the red tie complete with legal reference.
  • Bro Bibs. Wearing bibs all the time. Nice. Invest now!
  • Bro Bibs for women… Bitch Bibs!
  • Let’s go for the trifecta on the brobibs gag… also notice: 
  • Poor Patrice and concerning the end…DAMNIT PATRICE!
  • a v-neck really is a Robin Williams look.
  • Robin as Laura Croft…Oh My.


New Jersey

  • To my knowledge we STILL DO NOT know if this is the last season or not. Come on…. it makes it pretty difficult to see if we are moving too slow or too fast.
  • Robin acting like a 15 year old
  • The trench coat technique never fails.
  • WFT just happened with that ending… Are we sure this is the same Robin and Barney we have known for the previous 7 seasons?


The Re-Return

Ted sits to talk with Marshall & Lily…they “forgive” him.  years into the future Ted ask Marshall & Lily to keep his little girl. With the yellow umbrella hanging in the background Ted leaves …and Marshall & Lily prepare to take their revenge of FIRSTS!


Lingering Questions

  • What in the world was up with the ending?
  • Did this episode really take us anywhere?
  • What did you all think? Sound off in the comments!

Twelve Horny Women – Season 8 Episode 8

himym 12 horney women


Well it’s a hat trick for me, Jenniac, here to break down tonight’s episode. In case you are a hoser and don’t know what  a hat trick is, it’s a hockey term for when one player scores 3 goals in one game.

We start off  “a little ways down the road…” ::insert collective groan:: thankfully I quickly got distracted by the infamous MR. BELDING from Saved By the Bell who was one of the judges on the panel.

We have a few storylines going on this week:

Marshall & Brad: Marshall confronts Brad on his deception and even brings up their glory days brunching together. Brad shares that after Kara broke his heart for the millionth time he stopped being nice, started suiting up and lying to get what he wants.  In court Brad plays uses his ASSets and overall hunkyness to win over the all female jury and the male judge. Marshall uses Brad’s video against him and has Brad take off his shirt while on the stand which shows off his rash from the water in Frog Lake.  Marshall wins his case, but is only awarded 25 thousand instead of 25 million dollars. Brad comes to apologize to Marshall – seeing Marshall all flustered by Brad and their bromance is still as funny as ever. His adoration towards Brad reminds me of when Marshall was smitten with male Gail. Brad tells Marshall he should be a judge and Marshall realizes that is what he wants because as a judge he can make a real change.

Robin & Barney: Things start off awkward between them until the last few minutes of the episode when Barney and Robin are alone at MacLarens. Barney addresses their weirdness and says he is done trying to get Robin – see Legendary Lines for complete transcription of his great little soliloquy – however when Barney walks up to the bar everything he just said sinks in and Robin says “Huh.”

Gang: Teenage Badassery contest – the flashbacks were funny, but overall it was weak subplot with all of them exaggerating.

Legendary Lines

Lily: I was like John Gotti in a training bra

Robin: Yeah and the of waistband his undies wasn’t pulled up to his cub scouts neckerchief

Lily: Ted you were never a badass      Ted: Au Contraire       Lily: Off to a good start

Brad: And why don’t the frogs be like hey birds can I catch a ride, ribbit

Robin: Man that ZUI drove my insurance through the roof

Ted: Where you dazzled everyone with you slight of tiny hand

Brad: Hasta la see ya

Barney: I’m done trying to get you. I can’t do it anymore. I’m sorry it took me this long to figure it out, but I promise I’m done making a fool of myself.

Barney: I want it to be okay, so here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to get us two drinks, come back and comment on the likely size and color of the nipples on that redhead at the bar with the big dark nipples and you’re going to be grossed out, but laugh a little anyway and then you’ll tell a funny story about ‘that bitch Patrice at work’, but neither one of us are gonna to say’ hey how’s it going’ or ‘good to see you’, because it really will be good to see you.

Moment of Awesomeness

Brad Abrevs: Futuch, Redonk, Resi, Redempch, Integ

Massive hemorrhoids

Flashbacks: Scooter, Robin Sparkles, Teddy Westside

Scooter force laughing and then screaming in a flashback

When Brad bends over I love the woman who takes off her wedding ring and puts it down her blouse. Also I hope you all noticed Lily’s face while Brad is bent over

By the second day of the trial all the jurors are dressed up and showing cleavage

The courtroom artist’s rendering of Brad and Marshall

Paddles the duck. Quack!

Brad’s Frog Lake video. He can play the sax and pelvic thrust at the same time – impressive

Magic enthusiast club picture

Brunch bro double high five

New Jersey

The cast is looking a bit old in flashbacks these days. It’s been 8 seasons and high school Lily via flashback is looking rough.

I found Marshall with the judiciary committee to be a bit too forced

Dragging out Robin and Barney. Really it’s episode 8 of possibily the last season. Come on!

The Re-Return

Lily walking down the street with the gang whistling like she did back in her teen badass years which scares everyone off the street.

Lingering Questions

How long did it take you to spot Mr. Belding?

How much is a buttload? According to the MTV made for tv movie  2ge+her it’s 1,000.

Do you think HIMYM will put out a calendar featuring still images from Brad’s Frog Lake video? I’d totally buy it.

Brad’s last name is Morris. Like Zach Morris. Mr Belding was in this episode. Coincidence? I think not!

Sound off in the comment section – you guys have been slacking this season and it isn’t cool bro beans…we’d love to hear from you!

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The Stamp Tramp – Season 8 Episode 7


Jenniac at the helm of this ship once again. This week’s episode is centered on Marshall’s St. Cloud given way of giving things his stamp of approval so often that his approval means nothing. This sends Ted into a tizzy to find something he successfully approved without being a piggy back stamper. Meanwhile it’s pretty much a fact in NYC that Barney Stinson only hits up the best boobie and booty shakin’ places, therefore strip club owners are desperate to gain his business since Barney can no longer go to the Lusty Leopard because of Quinn. Robin takes on the ultimate bro role again in Barney’s life as his wheeling and dealing strip club agent.

There were 3 great take aways from tonight’s episode:

  1. Joe Manganiello really has it all: tall, hot and hilarious
  2. I will never get tired of seeing college Ted
  3. Barney and Robin are on track and pulling out of the station gearing up for full steam ahead

With all that being said – today’s episode was kind of like the stuffing at a Thanksgiving meal – it’s filling, but not truly satisfying. The series is moving at a snails pace this season and it really has me anxious about giving this series (and fans) ending to the story it (and we) deserve.

Legendary Lines

Lily: That’s like 49 in perv years
Barney: 69…self five

Robin: You are like the LeBron James of strip clubs, actually you’re probably tied with LeBron James for that title

Brad: Depresh

Marshall: They even wound up naming a bridge after him…the one he drove off

Barney: Stickies even sent me a boob shaped hand sanitizer dispenser, it’s clean AND dirty at the same time

Brad: Freebie muff tops

Robin: B-Dog, Barn Doors, Stinsonatti Bro-hio

Brad: Good just try to stay out there a few minutes, I just cut one and I can tell it’s going to be a slow burn

Brad: I have to go to the little boys room…not your office

Marshall: Remember how I always wanted to know what it was like to be a ghost…well I don’t want that anymore

Brad: Muchas gracias Bromigo

Barney: I always have fun with you

Moment of Awesomeness

A nice collection of throwback Ted nicknames: Teddy Westside and Dr. X

Lily approved bra

3 way spit take following Ted’s confession that he is Dr. X

Ted’s college freshman year video diaries – I was worried we were only going to hear them and not see them

How cute is baby Marvin – I was pretty sure we were going the whole episode without seeing him


Barney’s brodium complete with awesome logo

Strip Club Names referenced: Fur Coats, Money Balls, Melon Patch, Big Box, Golden Oldies, Lusty Leopard, The Beaver Dam (false alarm), Mouth Beach – did I miss any?

 New Jersey

Beer cozy, cozy. HIMYM writers it’s pronounced koo-zee

Carmel and cheese popcorn combo – no, just no

Hearing Narrator Ted say “we’ll get to that”

Brad double crossing Marshall

Lingering Questions

Robin totally picked Golden Oldies because she doesn’t want Barney to go to strip clubs, she wants to be with him. Amiright?

Is it just me or would Barney and Brad be awesome bromigos?

Lily and Marshall have a VCR too…yeesh?!

Was anyone else really hoping for a Slapsgiving reference?

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Splitsville – Season 8 Episode 6

How I Met Your Mother Music 

Hey gang, Jenniac here back in the driver’s with Aaron as my co-pilot to recap, review and re-examine this week’s episode – Splitsville. Like many of you who have sounded off in the comments, this season has not been what many of us hoped it to be. As frustrated at the storylines are at times for me, I was reminded while taking notes on tonight’s episode just how subtle and funny HIMYM can be.

We knew the last breakup had to happen sometime soon right? Why not tonight. In my opinion I felt tonight was a great follow up to last week’s the Autumn of Break- Ups. I have say I was really disappointed that we never learned how Robin and Nick’s relationship came to be after the Ted proposal fiasco when she saw Nick out last season.

The biggest take away of this episode was Barney’s declaration of love toward Robin. I was stunned, but not surprised. HIMYM has gotten really good at smoke and mirrors. I am sometimes distracted by the stories right in front of me that I initially miss some of the implications on a larger scale. I often need to watch an episode 2 or 3 times to get a full grasp of everything on both the micro and macro scale. Whoa did I just drop some economic class terms…BOOM.

Legendary Lines

Ted: Groins on Ice…least popular Madison Square Garden show ever.

Robin: So you guys think he’s dumb too.
Lily: Hot as lava but just as thick.

Marshall: Robin, he got 36 points and 10 rebounds last week… and that was with his shoes on the wrong feet.

Robin: As a couple we are not working out.
Nick: You want to start going to the gym together?

Ted: Picture a well oiled machine.
Barney: Your sewing machine.

Robin: Order whatever you want. It’s on me.
Nick: Thanks, but I think I’d rather eat it out of a bowl.

Barney: She thinks your stupid and she hates you.

Barney: No, if I don’t give you a push you’ll be right back to having sex with Nick and procrastinating on all fours.

Nick: It feels like I have a pulled groin muscle in my heart.

Barney: I could not stop loving her anymore than I could stop breathing.

Barney: Tricking good looking idiots is kind of my thing

Moments of Awesomeness

– the T-squares. Great team

– Marshall wearing the baby and working out… and then with Barney on his back.

– Robin and Patrice’s BFF fun day. Best. Day. Ever.

– Splitsville… the place to end a relationship… with yellow flowers everywhere.

– Nick, despite being dumb is hilarious this week. Especially mispronoucning his torn ligament.

– Horny Lily, except for all the Nadia references which I was over before they started.

– Marhsall pep talk to his team. Adult social sports leagues ARE really serious – this was totally accurate based on my previous experiences.

– Barney confessing he is still on love with Robin, “she has a hold on my heart I can’t break…I’m hopelessly irretriveably in love with her” – Robin face looking at him as it said that, said it all.

– The best part is that the gang heard all of this since it was on speaker phone. Ted seemed to take it well despite Victoria essentially dumping him because of Robin.

New Jersey

-Where was the glass shattering call back when Robin realized Nick was dumb?

– As funny as Nick being dumb  was– I it came too far out of left field and it was too much at times. I did appreciate the comments about him not knowing how to dress himself  “and that was with his shoes on the wrong feet” and “misbuttoned shirt and inside out underpants.” However as far as I could tell in the basketball scenes his shoes were on the proper feet and he looked well dressed.

– Marvin crying on cue to interrupt Lily and Marshall’s sex life. SO much baby stuff has been recycled from 1000 other shows, I expecte more HIMYM.

– I miss Lily being a real character, I get that she’s a new mom, but we’re only seen her as tired and horny this season.

The Re-Return

the T-squares at Splitsville.  Ted’s shot isn’t going to count…. and even worse…it’s over.

Lingering Questions

Wait dolphins are real?

Has anyone else ever eaten a scented candle? I’m not going to lie, but I’ve been tempted.

Where is Micky Aldrin? Why isn’t he babysitting Marvin so Marshall and Lily can get. it. on.

If this ends up being the last season of the show, are viewers going to be cheated due to the pace the show would need to take to give us all much closure as possible?

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The Autumn of Break-Ups – s08e05





HIMYM does a great job tonight of hitting the funny and throwing in those moments. You know the moments I’m talking about, like the one where Ted proposed and Victoria says Yes, but No Robin anymore… Those moments come out of nowhere sometimes, even though we all know that they are always there waiting to kick us in the crotch. I’m not really certain of the female equivalent of that phrase. Never really asked. Punched in the boob? Hit in the ear? I guess that would hurt anyone since women don’t have the market cornered on ears…sorry for the rabbit trail…


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Who Wants to Be a Godparent? – s08e04




After how underwhelmed I was last week, tonight was welcome. Great job HIMYM peeps. “Who Want’s to be a Godparent” was excellent, well  executed, and above all funny.  Being in the midst of  the “Autumn of Break-ups” (ref. The Pre-Nup s08e02)really give HIMYM a lot of game to work with. I’ll get more into that in a second… (more…)

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Nannies – Season 8 Episode 3

How I Met Your Mother Music

I Do, I Do – Charlie Mars I Do I Do - Blackberry Light amazon (closing song as Lily learns that her father was actually there)



The Pre-Nup – Season 8 Episode 2


How I Met Your Mother Music

…Let’s take tonight a couple at a time, shall we?

Farhampton – Season 8 Premier – s08e01

    This will probably be shorter than usual, sorry for that in advance. Maybe I’m just tired or maybe I simply don’t have that much to say at the moment. If anything I think I saw too much in in the Season 8 previews and it ruined it for me, maybe I watched them all after 2am… nothing good happens after 2am as we all know. I honestly felt that short of the train station happenings I saw the whole episode before it aired. So let this be a lesson kids, don’t watch previews…Especially after 2am.



  • The Funeral by Band of Horses The Funeral - Everything All the Time(closing moment of Episode One. Barney talks to Klaus, Robin finds Barney didn’t distroy it all, and the Mother walks up to Farhampton Station)
  • Also, has anyone bought the HIMYM Soundtrack? How I Met Your Music? It’s on How I Met Your Music - Various Artists

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Interesting Season 8 Promo Photos

Courtesy of CBS  (source) have a look at 2 very interesting Season 8 fall preview photos from HIMYM

Anyone want to venture guesses?



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